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Flamboyant Istanbul Visits of Mr. Bond

İstanbul is a strategic city that has for generations been the center of states and empires. After it has been conquered by the Ottomans, the city attracted attention not only with its political position but also with its works in historical and modern areas, such that over time, poems have been about on the city, songs have been composed about …

Trekking Routes in Turkey

Although the spring months are considered ideal for trekking, one can choose any season to get face to face with nature in Turkey. Trekking outside in the open, fresh air is necessary to remain healthy. Turkey has many areas for exploration of natural beauty. There are many trekking routes in Turkey, in addition to known routes. If you want to …

Kayseri City Guide: Kayseri City Guide

With counties such as Bünyan, Develi, İncesu, Tomarza, and Talas, Kayseri Province ranks third in industry in the Central Anatolia Region. Offering a contemporary lifestyle in the foothills of Erciyes Mountain, Kayseri is located among Adana, Niğde, and Nevşehir cities. Established during the Hittite Period, our city reflects history with its different areas.

Batman City Guide: Batman City Guide

Located in Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey, Batman is a province that has preserved its rich history in the lands where the Dicle River streams. Hasankeyf Ancient City is a wonder of nature with over 1,000 caves and many historical monuments. Before 1990, when terror activities abounded, Batman had been a city where fast developments took place.