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Itineraries for Backpackers: Itineraries for Backpackers

The trend of backpacking is increasing, especially in recent years, with the inclusion of social networks. It is the final stage of freedom that you can travel domestically or internationally only with your backpack. Here are some great route suggestions for backpackers in Turkey that will help you to experience different pleasures alone.

Karaman City Guide: Karaman City Guide

Located between the Central Anatolia Region and the Mediterranean Region, Karaman is a beautiful town which is also characteristic of both regions. The city was used as a military and commercial site in the period of the Hittites. It was later converted into a settlement in the time of Lydia and the Phrygians. Later, it was under Seljuk and Ottoman …

Osmaniye City Guide: Osmaniye City Guide

Located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean region of Turkey, Osmaniye has become the 80th province. Osmaniye was home to many civilizations like Hittite, Roman, Cappadocia, and Cilicia. For this reason, you can come across a rich history and a deep culture in the city. Osmaniye is located in the south of Kahramanmaraş, east of Adana, north of Hatay, …