Gastronomic Itineraries in Turkey


When social networks settled at the center of our lives, eating and drinking became an inseparable part of the social culture. For this reason, if your travel plans include pampering your taste buds, you can take a look at our one-week gastronomic itineraries. We have prepared different routes to address the different tastes of visitors.

Aegean Cuisine: Balıkesir – İzmir – Aydın – Muğla

Aegean will be the most healthiest trip among the other gastronomic itineraries! Start the Mediterranean flavor tour with vegetables cooked with olive oil in Balıkesir. You can taste the Susurluk ayran and Balıkesir kaymaklı with the höşmerim, which are the nice desserts of the region. For breakfast in Izmir, tasting boyoz and kumru (meaning pigeon, due to its shape) is a must. Have a light dinner with the vegetables of Izmir, such as nettle, chicory, ivy, sea-bean, and leek. When you move to Aydın, taste the vegetable dishes with plenty of olive oil and pomegranate seeds. Olive oil artichokes and cowpeas will be a good choice for lunch. Yuvarlama and zucchini flower dolma are light tastes of the region. We recommend that you end your meal with fig wine. Finish your tour in Muğla with an evening of sour fish and mullet stuffing.

Gastronomic Itineraries in Turkey

Traditional Izmir Boyoz, round borek.

Mediterranean Cuisine: Antalya – Karaman – Mersin – Adana – Hatay

Start your day in Antalya with a nice breakfast of citrus fruits and olive oil. Then, taste regional delicacies such as tarator piyaz, taurus salad, zerde, and gülüklü soup. Enjoy Karaman’s authentic flavors, such as çullama and batırık, as well as zülbiye and kılan burek for dinner. Tantuni, identified with Mersin, is a roll of minced meat. You could have a beautiful sea plate of squid, jumbo shrimp, and octopus. Adana is the capital for gastronomic itineraries; kebab is highly popular, but for breakfast you can consume liver. Try other types of kebab during the day, as Adana kebabs are different and noteworthy. After tasting pöç kebab in the bazaar of Hatay, try authentic delicacies like ekmek kömbe and mutebbel.

Gastronomic Itineraries in Turkey

Grilled kebab

Thracian and Ottoman Cuisine: Kırklareli – Edirne – Tekirdağ – İstanbul – Bursa

In Kırklareli, which is famous for soups, taste the değirmendere and uma soups, and then have manca for dinner, followed by a slice of kaymaçina for dessert. In Edirne, sample the pan-fried liver with elbasan tava and mutancana. In Tekirdağ, you can try çeneçarpan soup and then famous Tekirdağ meatballs. While in Istanbul, you should go for palace cuisine. There are some traditional Ottoman cuisine restaurants in the city. Go for lamb shanks, beğendi grills, keşkek and duck, pomegranate sauced meals, and demir hindi syrups. As a bonus, go for aşure, which consists of vegetables, for dessert! After İstanbul, visit Bursa and definitely try the Iskender Kebab (named with the surname of the inventor) and pideli köfte. Bursa is also famous for its chestnut sweets.

Dangerous Turkish Sweets - Introduction to Turkish Dessert Culture

The oldest dessert on earth, Asure or Ashura(Noah Pudding) traditional dessert to serve on the 10th day of the Muslim month Muharrem, the first month of the Islamic calendar.

Seafood Tasting in the Black Sea Region: Bolu – Kastamonu – Sinop – Samsun – Ordu – Trabzon – Artvin

We know Mengen as the home of the best chef of Turkey. Eat Mengen pilaf in Bolu Mengen. Pumpkin pancakes and yoghurt pancakes will be the best choice for the evening. In Kastamonu, etli ekmek, goose tiridi, and cırık dessert are a fantastic feast. In Sinop, the natural harbor of the Black Sea, make sure you eat the fish stew. After eating pide in Samsun Bafra, move to Ordu and try different flavors like pickle roasting of natural herbs such as dible and kaygana. Anchovy (hamsi) is the most famous fish of the region, so you can try many different varieties that will please your palate, like anchovy grill; anchovy pans, and anchovy patties are must-tries in Trabzon. The hamsi pilaff is an especially good choice for lunch. Taste dishes made from herbs such as wild purslane, hibiscus, and mountain beet in Artvin. Try the yoghurt silor with puçuko and the cabbage wrap.

laz borek trabzon

Laz people’s trditional dessert, Laz Böreği.

Meat Lovers in Southeastern Cuisine: Kilis – Gaziantep – Şanlıurfa – Adıyaman – Diyarbakır – Ağrı

Cholesterol focused trip among the gastronomic itineraries! Try local flavors such as sour malhıta, lebeniye, and züngül in Kilis. Then leave the famous Kilis pan for dinner. For lunch in Gaziantep, choose a nice menu consisting of yuvalama, gavurdağı salad, and kibbeh. Afterwards, visit the Gaziantep Kitchen Museum and try the fındık lahmacun, kebabs, and baklava. Taste every type of kebab in Şanlıurfa, and then try meyan syrup. You can taste the local delicacies such as Ebuzer Gifari kebab, Besni pan, and basalla in Adıyaman. In Diyarbakır, there will be great choices of stuffed ribs, lahmacun, and meftune. In Ağrı, taste the giriş ketesi, göşteberg meat, and the famous abdigör meatball.

adana kebab

Mix kebab plate

No Diets in Central Anatolia: Eskişehir – Ankara – Konya – Kayseri

For lunch in Ankara, choose Ankara pan. In Eskişehir, taste the Caucasian dish çiğbörek. Balaban and met halva will also be a good choice. When you arrive in Konya, choose the breakfast rooms at Meram. For lunch, try the famous taste of Konya’s meat bread (etli ekmek). In the evening, you can have a dinner of local delicacies such as Çebiç, Mevlana pastry, höşmerim, and topalak. When you arrive in Kayseri, you can treat yourself to a different breakfast consisting of pastrami, sausage, and meat. Pastrami is very famous in Kayseri. For lunch, eat the mantı, which is the symbol of Kayseri, with garlic yogurt. At dinner, you can finish a 1-week gourmet tour with yoghurt dessert consisting of natural flavors like arabaşı.


Turkish bacon, pastrami (Kayseri pastirma).