Antique Cities and Ruins Itineraries in Turkey


There are antique cities and historical ruins in Turkey, as the country hosted many civilizations. There are many different routes for sites from the periods of Romans, Ancient Greeks, and Hittites.

1. Route: Hatay – Osmaniye – Adana – Antalya

Visit Hatay Beşikli Cave Ancient City and Titus Tunnel. After an hour’s journey, photograph the ruins of the late Roman period in the ancient city of Kastabala, Hierapolis in Osmaniye. Visit Anavarza Antique City and its historical ruins in Çukurova, Adana. Then, you can visit the ancient city of Olympos until noon in Antalya. Another ancient site in Antalya is Aspendos. The next day, you can reserve a full day for the historic city of Side in Manavgat. You can visit Zeus and Artemis Temples in Selge City, which is in Manavgat as well. The same day, you may also squeeze in a visit to Patara Ancient City and see the remains of the Roman period in the Antalya Archaeology Museum.

Antique Cities and Ruins Itineraries in Turkey

Anavarza Antique City, Kozan, Adana, Turkey

2. Route: Muğla – Aydın – İzmir – Balıkesir – Çanakkale

Visit the rock tombs in the ancient city of Kaunos in Dalyan, Muğla. Stroll in the ancient city of Datça. Visit Xanthos in Fethiye, the ancient city of Letoon, the ancient city of Labranda in Milas, and the ancient city of Tlos in Seydikemer. After visiting the ruins of Didim Milet, which is a harbor ancient city, see the ruins of the ancient city of Alinda Karpuzlu. Catch the sunset in the ancient city of Karacasu Aphrodisias. Take a photo in the Pergamum columns after seeing the Allianoi ruins in the Bergama district. Spend the next day in the ancient city of Ephesus. After visiting Adramyttian Antique City at the foot of the ancient Madra Mountains in Burhaniye, follow the traces of the Iliad Epic and see the ruins of Zeleia, located in Gönen, which is 1.5 hours away. Visit the ancient city of Troy in the foothills of Mount Kaz, where the famous Trojan wars took place. In the afternoon, visit the city and tumulus of Dardanos for plenty of photo opportunities.

Antique Cities and Ruins Itineraries in Turkey

Aphrodisias Ancient city. (Aphrodisias) was named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and the site is very popular among other antique cities in Turkey.

3. Route: Kütahya – Manisa – Uşak – Denizli – Burdur

Visit the first commodity exchange in the ancient city of Aizanoi in Çavdarhisar, Kütahya. Then reach Aigai ruins in Manisa, Köşeler. Visit the ruins of Blaundus right next to the canyons in Uşak. World-famous Pamukkale, has Temple of Apollon Lairbenos, Hierapolis, and Laodikeia sites nearby. View the ruins of the ancient city of Sagalassos in Burdur Ağlasun district, and spend time in the ancient city of Kibriya in Gölhisar, an hour away.

Antique Cities and Ruins Itineraries in Turkey

Sarcophagus Garland in the Temple of Apollo Lairbenos in Hierapolis

4. Route: Ankara – Eskişehir – Afyon – Isparta – Konya

In Ankara, after you see the Roman Baths, the Julianus Column, and the ruins of Gavur Kale, go to the city of Gordion. Then travel to Eskişehir and visit the Pessinus Ballıhisar ruins in Sivrihisar. Then visit Midas Antique City, Amorium Pentapolis and Synnada Antique Cities and historical sites in Afyon. After visiting Kapıkaya ruins in Isparta, visit Timbriada and Zindan caves in Aksu. Visit the ancient city of Kilistra from Byzantine periods in Meram district of Konya, which you can explore by walking quite a bit.

Antique Cities and Ruins Itineraries in Turkey

Midas Monument of ancient Midas City in Yazılıkaya, Eskişehir.

5. Route: Çorum – Yozgat – Kırşehir – Nevşehir

Çorum hosted one of the oldest civilizations, Hittites. You can visit Alaca Höyük ruins of Hattuşa, and then visit the Şapinuva (Ortaköy). Then move to Yozgat and discover the Lost City Pteria and Mount Kerkenez Ancient City. There is also Tavium (Büyüknefes) Ancient City in Yozgat. The next day, go to Kırşehir and visit the underground town of Mucur and the leather village in Çiçekdağı. After that, you can move to Nevşehir and Cappadocia, which hosts World-famous ancient locations such as Göreme Open Air Museum, Kaymaklı and Derinkuyu Underground Cities.

Antique Cities and Ruins Itineraries in Turkey

Alaca Höyük Çorum Turkey B.C. 2500 – 2000