Itineraries for Backpackers


The trend of backpacking is increasing, especially in recent years, with the inclusion of social networks. It is the final stage of freedom that you can travel domestically or internationally only with your backpack. Here are some great route suggestions for backpackers in Turkey that will help you to experience different pleasures alone.

Spend Two Weeks on Black Sea Shores

If you do not want to pay travel costs with your backpack and you want to hitchhike, the most ideal route will be at the Black Sea Region. You can travel from Zonguldak to Artvin by hitchhiking. Be sure to visit Bartın, Amasra on your route starting from Zonguldak. At Amasra beach, you can take a tour and spend the night in cheap guesthouses. The coastal towns of Kastamonu, Cide, Inebolu and Abana are waiting for you with their magnificent landscapes, and you can fit that trip in a 2-day period. Visit Erfelek Waterfalls before crossing to Sinop. Then, in the center of Sinop, see the historic closed prison and Sinop nose and Hamsilos bay to witness fiords. Take a photo of the historical bridge in Alaçam as you pass to Samsun, and stop at Asar Castle in Bafra. Take the Amisos Hill in Samsun center and watch the city. Visit the beaches in the Land of the Amazons; Terme. You can swim in Çaka, Perşembe and view the city from Boztepe, which you can reach by cable car. See the castles of Tirebolu in Giresun. Visit the Sumela monastery in Trabzon and stay in wooden houses in Uzun Göl. Then, visit Rize, Ayder Plateau, and Karagöl (Black Lake) in Artvin Şavşat.

Itineraries for Backpackers

The Ayder Valley is a popular destination for summer tourism.

Sea, Summer and History in Aegea

Do trekking in Edremit Kaz Mountains, which is oxygen-rich. Visit Cunda Island in Ayvalık, take a photo at the Devil’s Table. Swim in Çeşme and Urla in İzmir. Travel through history with the ancient city of Ephesus, the House of Virgin Mary, and the ancient city of Pergamum. Go to Güvercinada in the Kuşadası district of Aydın. While camping in Akbük Beach in Didim, visit the ancient city of Lassos. Sunbathe in the hidden bays of Milas. Visit Bodrum Underwater Museum and dive. After hiking in Datça, parachute in Ölüdeniz and Butterfly Valley in Fethiye.

View of Butterfly Valley from a sailing boat with bright sea and high mountains.

Discover Marmara

After visiting the Gallipoli peninsula and Martyrs Memorial in Çanakkale, go to Bursa. Camp in Bursa Uludağ and visit Ayvaini Cave. See the Walking Pavilion in Yalova and relax at the end of the day at Armutlu hot springs. See the old fortress in Kocaeli amd visit the Tahtalı pond. Rest in Maşukiye in Sakarya and take a walk in Sapanca Lake. Climb the Samandere waterfall in Düzce and see the Akçakoca Genoese fortress.

Itineraries for Backpackers

Çanakkale (Dardanelles) martyrs memorial monument in Gallipoli, Turkey.

Best Backpackers Routes in Mediterranean

Visit Kaleiçi in Antalya and visit Düden Waterfall. Go to Manazan Caves and Incesu Cave in Karaman. Take the 4×4 safari in Mersin, rafting along the Göksu River. See the birds’ sanctuary of Ağyatan and Akyatan in Adana. Visit the open-air museum in Osmaniye and visit the historic castles. Visit the Habibi Neccar Mosque in Hatay and stop by the Erzin hot springs.

Itineraries for Backpackers

Duden waterfall in Antalya. Antalya is very popular among backpackers.

Central Anatolia Destinations for Backpackers

Visit Odunpazarı houses in Eskişehir and see the Midas Monument. Visit the Atatürk Forest Farm in Ankara and visit the Anıtkabir (Atatürk’s mausoleum). Walk on the Çeşnigir Bridge in Kırıkkale and stop by the cave. Visit the Ahi Evran Mosque in Kırşehir. Watch as onyx stone gifts are made. Visit Kazankaya Canyon in Yozgat, and take a walk in Çamlık National Park. Visit the Buruciye Madrasa in Sivas, then trek around Tödürge Lake.

Itineraries for Backpackers

Midas Tomb monument in Phrygian Valley, Turkey.