6 Scenic Road–Trip Routes in Turkey


If you are making holiday plans, we have many different suggestions. Here, we present to you six of Turkey’s most beautiful and exciting driving routes in the Aegean, Mediterranean, and Black Sea regions. All of these pleasant routes will make you forget about the mundaneness of driving. We hope you will like 6 Scenic Road–Trip Routes in Turkey!

1. Route: Ordu – Samsun – Sinop – Kastamonu

When you arrive at Ordu, take the cable car to Boztepe and have breakfast. Then, visit the Çambaşı Plateau and the Cape Jason Peninsula on the way back. In Samsun, go to Amisos hill and watch the city. Drive to Vezirköprü, and take the ferry tour in Şahinkaya Canyon. Have a picnic at Hamsilos Bay in Sinop. Visit the Inaltı cave and the Erfelek waterfalls in the afternoon. When you arrive in Kastamonu, take the Valla Canyon terrace entrance and see the Ilıca Waterfalls nearby. Discover historic buildings in the city center.

6 Scenic Road–Trip Routes in Turkey

Hamsilos Bay (The only fjord of Turkey) at Sinop

2. Route: Çanakkale – Balıkesir – İzmir – Aydın – Muğla

Go to Gallipoli peninsula in Çanakkale and visit the Çanakkale Martyrdom. See the ancient cities of Troy and Assos. Visit historic locations such as Antandros Antique City in Balıkesir and Yazören cave, and watch the sunset at Devil’s Table. On the way to Izmir, visit the ancient city of Pergamum. After visiting the Clock Tower and Kordon in İzmir center at noon, reserve the afternoon for visiting the ancient city of Selçuk, Ephesus. Take a tour of the city with Güvercin Ada in Kuşadası. Swim in the beautiful bays of Didim. Visit the Milas Devil Kiosk, and try parachuting in Fethiye Butterfly Valley.

6 Scenic Road–Trip Routes in Turkey

Izmir is the third most populous city in Turkey.

3. Route: Sivas – Kayseri – Kahramanmaraş – Adıyaman

After visiting the Divriği Ulu Mosque Eğri Köprü and Gök Medrese in Sivas, drive to Kayseri through Pınarbaşı and go trekking in the Zamantı River. Take the Mount Erciyes climb along with the Kayseri city tour. Eat trout at Yahyalı Kapuzbaşı Waterfall. Drive to Kahramanmaraş, have breakfast in Taşhan, and photograph the traditional Maraş mansions. After visiting the ancient cities near Adıyaman city center, watch the sunset at Mount Nemrut.

6 Scenic Road–Trip Routes in Turkey

Mt. Nemrut, Adıyaman

4. Route: Kars – Ağrı – Van – Bitlis

In winter, drive on the snowy roads in Kars, but be careful. Enjoy a sleigh ride on the frozen Lake Çıldır. Then, photograph the Russian buildings and mansions in the city center. Visit Ishak Pasha Palace and take a walk at sunset in Ağrı. Then, drive to Van, and visit Akdamar Church with a 20-minute boat journey. Take a walk on the edge of Lake Van. See the Muradiye Waterfall and go to Bitlis. Visit the Nemrut Crater Lake in Bitlis, Tatvan and take a picture of the Ulu Kümbet.

6 Scenic Road–Trip Routes in Turkey

The Armenian Cathedral Church of the Holy Cross in Akdamar Island in Van Lake, Turkey.

5. Route: Trabzon – Rize – Artvin – Ardahan

After visiting the Sümela Monastery and Uzungöl in Trabzon, drive to Rize from the coastal road. Have your dinner on the Rize Ayder plateau. Spend your days in Rize highlands, and then visit Artvin Şavşat, which hosts beautiful Karagöl Lake.

Landscape from northern Turkey’s plateau in Rize.

6. Route: Muğla – Antalya – Mersin – Adana

Moving from Muğla city center Fethiye, take the road to Antalya and visit the Saklıkent Canyon, Butterflies Valley, and Ölüdeniz. Enter the sea at Kaputaş Beach in Kaş, visit the Manavgat Waterfalls and watch the sunset in Alanya Castle. In Mersin, After you have a trout feast in Anamur Stream, visit the Caves of Heaven and Hell in Silifke. Complete your trip with the Cinema Museum and the Kazancılar Bazaar in Adana.

6 Scenic Road–Trip Routes in Turkey

Kaputas Beach Turkey Mediterranean Sea.