Batman City Guide


Located in Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey, Batman is a province that has preserved its rich history in the lands where the Dicle River streams. Hasankeyf Ancient City is a wonder of nature with over 1,000 caves and many historical monuments. Before 1990, when terror activities abounded, Batman had been a city where fast developments took place.

Compared to Turkey’s long history, Batman’s is a newer story. Despite this, history of the cities established in the settlement areas dates back to Sumerians. In the areas where there is İluh Hill in Batman, it is understood that there had been a Sumerian settlement but it collapsed down underground because it was established on marshy land. Further research proved, however, that the area named İluh Hill, which did literally sink, actually did not collapse naturally, but rather was intentionally hidden by settlers.

Batman City Guide

Old bridge and Tigris river at Hasankeyf.

Local Cuisine and Climate

Climate characteristics of the province reflect the more remote Mediterranean trends. Winter months are sometimes cold and harsh. Spring months, on the other hand, are generally quite grassy. There are many mountains in this area, including Sason, Mereto, Kuşaklı, Avcı, the Roman Mountains, along with the Meydanok and Kortepe Hills. There are also many rivers, lakes, and ponds in Batman. Consider Batman Stream, Dicle River, Gerzan Stream, Kırkat Pond, Kozluk Ceffan Pond, Gercüş Pond, and Batman-Güvercin Pond.

Batman has undergone quick changes thanks to the developing industry and investments made during the past few years. In particular, developments in the construction sector have provided considerable support for all of the Batman province. Sheep, goat, and cattle farming are also typical means of livelihood in Batman.

Batman City Guide


The taste of local dishes in Batman is simply unforgettable. The main fare includes thin float bread, büryan kebab, stuffed meatballs, Şamborek, sac tava, hodgepodge, babagannus, and stuffed potato.

Places to Visit

Batman attracts the attention of travelers more and more with its fertile soils and ancient settlement areas which reflect such a rich history. The following reflects a list of some of Batman’s historical beauties:

  • Bozikan Ancient Castle
  • Hızır Bey Mosque
  • Mor Aho Monastery
  • Rabat Castle
  • Memikan Bridge
  • Kozluk Castle
  • Mor Kiryakus Monastery
  • Pertükan Castle
Batman City Guide

Aerial view of Hasankeyf village, near Tigris River

  • On Kemerli Bridge
  • Malabadi Bridge
  • Zeynel Bey Dome
  • İmam Abdullah Zawiyah
  • Hasankeyf Ruins
  • Natural picnic areas
  • Hasankeyf Caves
  • Hasankeyf Castle
  • Yol Geçen Inn
  • Kandil Castle

Built in different eras, these structures offer very different aspects to the eye, and each one’s features offer clues to different historical periods, since some structures date back to ancient times.

How to Get There

There are three options for travelling to the province: air, highway, and railway. Airlines that fly to Batman schedule flights to Ankara and İstanbul (directly), İzmir, Adana, Antalya, and abroad. Besides these options, local bus companies make the trip in as well. Also, visitors can travel anywhere in Turkey in the comfort of the railway system.


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