Skiing in the Morning, Swimming in the Afternoon


Have you ever tried to fit four seasons in a day before? Our country has rare places where you can live in four different seasons, all in a single day. How about sipping hot tea on a hill with white snow in the morning and enjoying the skiing, and then walking around on the beach and swimming in the afternoon?

Antalya, as a holiday and tourism capital of the Mediterranean Region, has attracted attention with its historical texture and turquoise blue sea during all four seasons. It has a worldwide reputation. With its thousands of years of history, Antalya also contains some ancient cities. No doubt the most pleasant part of the holiday here is taking in the beaches. It is possible to experience skiing in a city that is also famous for its waterfalls. Saklıkent ski resort is a facility on the Beydağları. Despite being about 50 kilometers from the city center, it is highly preferred during the winter season. Another interesting feature of the resort is that it is one of closest ski centers to the equator. Daytime temperatures rarely fall below -5 degrees, and you can ski on snow depths ranging from 100 centimeters to 230 centimeters.

You can stay overnight in Saklıkent and enjoy the morning skiing, then in the afternoon go down to the Konyaaltı beaches for a swim. Konyaaltı is one the biggest beaches of Antalya which is also target of foreign tourists’ attention. It is a 7-kilometer long sandy beach. Moreover, you will find that the temperature of the sea is still warm enough to swim in when the autumn months arrive.

Skiing in the Morning, Swimming in the Afternoon

Beach Kaputas, Mediterranean Coast, Turkey.

İzmir is one of the liveliest cities that is situated within the hidden beauty of the Aegean. The city was known as Smyrna and it boasts about 9,000 years of cultural and historical richness. Although it is a favorite place for summer tourism, İzmir is also a preferred spot for a winter holiday. The Bozdağ plateau in Ödemiş is at a height of 2,157 meters. It takes its name from Bozdağ and is also known as the Aegean Alps. It is one of Turkey’s paragliding and skiing centers. There is a ski track for both professional and amateur skiing athletes at the ski center in Bozdağ. Bozdağ, which is 140 kilometers from Izmir, is a suitable place for aerial sports. You can ski in Bozdağ in the morning and spend time on the beaches in the afternoon. Özdere, which has long beaches, is the nearest place for swimming. This charming place rides on the Menderes River and it consists of marinas and blue-flagged beaches. You can visit Central Beach, or Çukuraltı Public Beach.

Skiing in the Morning, Swimming in the Afternoon

Ski Area of Saklikent, Taurus Mountains, Turkey, Asia.

Bursa, which has been the capital of the Ottoman Empire for some time, is one of the uniquely beautiful cities where one can experience four seasons in one day. Uludağ is also one of Turkey’s most popular ski resorts and it is suitable for outdoor sports and has a picnic area. You can choose Uludağ for camping and for a snow holiday. The ski area is 2,543 meters high. You can reach the highs of the mountain with cable car. In the winter, the snow depth can reach 2 meters, and that snowpack can  last until spring time. In addition, you can also visit more places such as Uludağ National Park, Saitabat Waterfall, and Softaboğan Waterfall. You can go hiking, mountain biking, and just explore nature in your peaceful holiday.

After the Uludağ adventure, you can take the opportunity to swim in Mudanya, which has coast to Marmara Sea. Burgaz public beach is among the most preferred of Mudanya beaches. Kumyaka Public Beach is also in the beautiful seaside town. It is 10 kilometers away from the center of Mudanya, located in the back of a lush nature area. Although it is off the beaten path, it will bring you in touch with nature. Eşkel Public Beach is 60 kilometers away from Bursa and it is also in a beautiful coastal town. Eğerce Public Beach, Narlı Public Beach, Karacaali Scout Camp, Büyükkumla Public Beach, Kucukkumla Public Beach, Hasanağa Scout Camp, Gemsaz Public Beach, Kumsaz Public Beach, Kurşunlu Sitelerönü Public Beach, Yeniköy Bosphorus Beach, Malkara Public Beach, and Kurşunlu Public Beach are other beaches to consider.