Mersin City Guide

Located in the south of our country, Mersin province has a hot climate as a coastal city. Mersin has an important place in the history. Tumuluses dating back to ancient times prove that the city was of great importance at the time. Migrations of faith had also happened in this province in the history. According to belief, this area was declared as a hajj place. Hagia Tecla and Tarsus Ashab-ı Kehf were of religious importance.

Tarsus Old Town

The port in Mersin province has over the years functioned as a door that opens Turkey to the world. Exports and imports of Central Anatolia, Eastern Anatolia, and Western Mediterranean are carried out through this port. The high number of logistics and customs companies in Mersin carries importance due to vibrant merchant trade evident at Mersin Port. Besides that, yacht tourism is also highly developed in this city. Mersin Main Yacht Port has been activated in Mersin.


Mersin – Antalya road is one of the most scenic in Turkey

Places to Visit

As one of the most important coastal cities of our country, Mersin is composed of natural beaches, and beyond that, there exist many tourist areas and historical places in our city.

  • Alahan Monastery
  • Cennet ve Cehennem Caves
  • Yumuktepe (Yumukhill)
  • Kız Kalesi (Maiden’s Castle)
  • Ayaş
  • Soli-Pompeipolis
  • Ashab-ı Kehf Cave
  • Anemurium Historical Ruins
  • Kleopatra Gate.

Maiden’s Castle in Mersin

The most important beaches of Mersin are Ayaş Beach, Susanoğlu Beach, Kız Castle Beach, and Anamur Beach. Places often visited by local people are Taşucu, Tişan, Dana Island, and Narlıkuyu. There is also an active highland culture in Mersin. These places, like Ayvagediği, Soğucak, Fındıkpınarı, Çamlıyayla, Gözne, and Sorgun Highlands, also attract tourists’ attention.

With Yeşil Toros Mountains at its back, this beautiful Mediterranean city has natural wonders such as waterfalls. Tarsus Waterfall is one of the must-see waterfalls in Mersin. This place was used as a cemetery during the Roman Empire. When the water recedes, one can view these graves. Olba Ancient City is one of the biggest ancient cities that reflect a long history. As the biggest commercial city at the time, Olba Ancient City still has remnants of theater, houses, a necropolis, and aqueducts. These monuments reflect a quite rich history.

Mersin City Guide



There are a good variety of dishes in this port and tourism city. Fındık lahmacun, cezerye, tantuni, kerebici, wheat paste with meat, fellah boiled meat, bunbar stuffing, dough soup, turnip juice, and güllaç are among the most known local dishes. Both the locals and foreign tourists get a chance to taste these dishes thanks to the accessible location of Mersin.

How to Get There

Transportation to the city via highway is very easy from any point of Turkey. Air transportation is also available through Adana Airport, which is 67 kilometers away. Those who prefer ocean travel can only get as far as Cyprus, but private sea transportation is available through the local yacht port.


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