Diyarbakır City Guide


Diyarbakır has a 9,000-year history and has been known by different names in different periods. It is located between the Anatolian civilizations and its history starts from the Paleolithic era. After ancient times, many civilizations, especially the Hittites, lived here. Diyarbakır is located among Batman, Muş, Adıyaman, Malatya, and Mardin, which is surrounded by mountains.

Local Cuisine and Climate

In summer, the province has a hot climate. In winter, it is not so cold due to the Taurus Mountains which prevent the cold winds. Dicle (Tigris) River is one of the most important rivers in Turkey. After 1950, the city started to develop. Diyarbakır has various cuisine cultures because of the diverse people who have settled here over thousands of years: Armenian, Arab, Syriac, Kurdish, Jewish, and Zaza are examples. Lamb, sumac, coriander, black pepper, rice, specialty meats, and bulgur are among the main regional ingredients of this cuisine. Diyarbakır’s cheese, kadayıf, and lahmacun are also famous. Kibbeh, saj tava and liver kebab are also hearty meals of local cuisine. The city is famous for watermelon and you should also try keşkek, sütlü Nuriye, and çiğ köfte (steak tartar a la turca).

Diyarbakır City Guide

People drinking in old basalt stone cafe garden.

Places to Visit

Diyarbakır is the pearl of Eastern Anatolia with its thousands of years of history and rich culture which hosts many historical building and much natural beauty.

  • Diyarbakır Castle
  • Malabadi Bridge, built by Artuqids
  • Dicle Bridge (On Gözlü Bridge)
  • Latifiye Madrasah, Mesudiye Madrasah
  • Nasuh Pasha Mosque, Diyarbakır Ulu Mosque, Parlı Safa Mosque, Behram Pasha Mosque, Nebi Mosque, Melik Ahmet Pasha Mosque, Hz. Süleyman Mosque, Fatih Pasha Mosque
  • Ahmet Arif Museum, Ziya Gökalp Museum, Diyarbakır Museum, Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı Museum
  • Assyria Castle
  • Hasan Pasha Inn, Deliler Inn, Sülüklü Inn
  • Diyarbakır Atatürk Mansion
  • Sipahiler Bazaar
  • Tigris (Dicle) River
  • Hevsel Gardens: The 80,000-year-old Hevsel Gardens has not lost any of its beauty over the centuries. They have an unprecedented landscape, and this place gained the right to UNESCO in 2015.
  • Birkleyn Caves
Diyarbakır City Guide

Behrampasa Mosque

Inns have been an important commercial center of the city throughout the history. They are spectacular. The Diyarbakır Walls are one the most durable and oldest walls in the world which are the longest walls in the world after China’s Great Wall.

Diyarbakır City Guide

Diyarbakir daily life

How to Get There

You can go to Diyarbakır by daily flights, bus, or train. The city is well connected to the bus network from everywhere in Turkey, or for a more nostalgic journey from Adana or Elazığ, take advantage of the train that stops at the Diyarbakır Station.