Salda Lake


If you are planning an authentic vacation and setting up Maldivian dreams, you do not have to go far. Described as the Maldives of Turkey and located 4 kilometers north of the Yeşilova district of Burdur, the Salda Lake attracts attention as a part of exceptional geography.

The lake reflects a hundred shades of blue and turquoise, fascinating those who see it with its spectacular water and white sandy beaches. It is the deepest lake in Turkey with its 184-meter depth. Because it is a crater lake formed as a result of tectonic movements, it contains water plants at even the deepest points and allows many different species of fish to live.

The Maldives of Turkey: Salda Lake

Located at the triangle of Burdur, Antalya and Denizli, the ecosystem of Salda Lake has been able to maintain its naturalness for a very long time because it is located away from the main arteries with its untouched nature. Therefore, there are very rich species of bird, fish, mammals, butterflies and reptiles around the lake. Its habitats amaze tourists from all over the world. Further, the grey wrasse, Burdur’s endemic and Salda seaweed fish in the lake, amaze scientists and cannot be seen elsewhere.

Clear water and white sands of Salda Lake

Mars Breezes on Salda Lake

Mars, indispensable for science fiction films, has been imprinted on memories, especially with its white rocks and islands. The white sandy beaches surrounding the Salda Lake remind many people of Mars. In the studies conducted by scientists, it has been understood that it is not just an image. The white sandy structures, which are called stromatolite rocks, really show the same characteristics as dunes and islands on Mars. These rocks, which are only found in Salda Lake and in Canada, are indispensable, especially for photography enthusiasts. Particularly at sunrise time, many people camp around the lake and take photos.

Partly snow on the Lake Salda’s beach.

Benefits of the Lake for the Skin – Mud Bath

Because Salda Lake is designated as a protected area, its nature remains untouched. It is indeed magnesium which creates the spectacular white beaches and white islands of the Lake. Magnesium, which is present in the lake in a dense amount, whitens all the objects that come into contact with the water and brings magnesite to the forefront. These two features are extremely useful for skin care. So, while you swim in the lake, you can make your skin beautiful at the same time, and you can get rid of all your tiredness of the year. The beach, which consists of small white stones at many points of the lake, can deepen after a few meters. Moreover, the loam that occurs where the beach and the water make contact is very beneficial for the body. Many people take mud baths there to get rid of skin diseases and to have shiny and smooth skin.

Salda Lake


For those who like extreme sports, it will be exciting to walk along the lake and take part in bike tours. You may also take a tour on the 40-kilometer area surrounding the lake and take photos there. There are two campsites for campers, who can enjoy Yeşilova Public Beach and Doğan Baba Public Beach. You can set up a tent at the campsite designated by the municipality and experience a wonderful camping experience.

Salda Lake Beach

How to Get to Salda Lake?

If you want to relieve the tiredness of the year, have a great holiday and photograph the sunset while walking around the Salda Lake, enjoying the different shades of white and turquoise, you should first go to Burdur. The Salda Lake is located in the district of Yeşilova in Burdur, and it is only 4 kilometers from the town center. It takes 5 minutes by car to reach the lake from the town center. Also, there are public transports that constantly move from the district center and Burdur to the lake and its surroundings.