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What is the Historical Bond Between Turkey and Korea?

The historical bond between Turkey and Korea started on 11 August 1949. The reason why these two countries have a well-founded, positive bond is that Turkey sent soldiers to Korea during the Korean War and many of them were martyred. There is no conflict between the two countries in terms of politics because they see each other as a companion …

Turkish Philosophers

Countries gain distinction with people who can make contributions that can lead the history of civilization. In Turkish history, there are many commanders, padishahs and sultans who redrew the world map, started a new era with unique ideas, etc.. However, the number of people who universally broke new grounds in science, art and culture is not high.  Although there are …

Bird Houses of Ottomans

The history of bird houses goes way back. The construction of bird palaces and houses, which has been developing since the 15th century in accordance with classical Ottoman architecture, reached different aesthetic dimensions through the 19th century. In fact, the purpose of making bird palaces is to provide shelter to freely flying birds, to protect them from burning sun and …

Jewish Culture in Turkey

Turkey has a unique multi-cultural structure, and yet it boasts a legitimate unity, which proves to be quite an important element. Jewish culture, adapted to contemporary life while preserving the religion, constitutes one link in this chain. The history of Jewish people in Turkey dates back almost 2,400 years. Turkish Jews are one of the biggest non-Muslim communities in the …

The Story of Jet Stone

Oltu county of Erzurum is rich in culture and history. Jet stone processing is carried out as a beautiful handicraft in this county. As a highly precious commodity, jet is extracted from mines only in this area.

Islamic Artifacts and Beautiful Mosques in Turkey

One of the most fertile geographies for Islamic tourism is Anatolia, especially during the month of Ramadan, where you can make different plans for Islamic sightseeing tours. We have identified different routes related to Islamic artifacts, mosques, and shrines that you can see in Anatolia, both during and not during Ramadan.

Cittaslow Towns of Turkey

Cittaslow, which first appeared in the Italian capital of Rome in 1986, means “slow city” with a broader meaning that includes untouched nature, away from the noise, distant from the metropolitan life, and reminiscent of a resort. Thus, there is no traffic problem, and the crowds and the noise is far away. Cittaslow towns for our country are almost heaven. …

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Turkey

Turkey’s name is in the World Heritage list, a compilation determined by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO); its natural and cultural assets are under protection. The natural and cultural sites in Turkey number 19 total, according to UNESCO.

Scenic Train Routes in Turkey

In the last couple of years, the advertisement of the East Express, which once again attracted popularity of scenic train routes, brought the train trip back to the agenda. We have compiled the best routes you can take by train. Thus, you can get rid of the hustle and bustle of highway traffic and make an unforgettable journey with your …

Discover Turkey from the Sea

Turkey has rich experiences and beauty not only on land, but also at sea. You can make a spectacular voyage with different routes for sea cruises, as described below. You will enjoy it, “discover Turkey from the Sea” posting!