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Best Nightclubs in Turkey

In addition to enjoying historic centers and beautiful locations during the daytime, why not have fun at night? If you are a nighthawk, see our recommendations for nightclubs in Turkey.

15 Highlights of Turkey for Beginners

With thousands of years of history, Turkey is home to many interesting locations to visit. We accumulated 15 highlights of Turkey that come to mind when Turkey is mentioned.

Why Do All Roads Come to Rome?

The Roman Empire was built on a piece of land which extends toward the Mediterranean. It was strategically positioned to be protected from the enemy and to be advantageous to trade. However, its main strength was the great network of Roman stone roads. The Empire created thousands of kilometers of stone roads to Rome, which depicted an idiom “all roads …

Serpent Mansion

The Ottoman Empire managed to add its own features to every region it reached, and it reached its peak with civil architecture. The most important and the most beautiful examples of civilian architecture are dispersed in different parts of Istanbul. Hundreds of different books have been written about the architectural structures and stories of the proverbial mansions around the Bosporus. …

The Local Handcrafts in Anatolia

Known as the memory of the World, Anatolia enlightens the present day with a history that spans thousands of years. Shaped by the Anatolian people, the art and culture is quite colorful. The Local Handcrafts in Anatolia live in workshops, cultural centers, fine art academies and non-governmental organizations. Some of the arts maintain their life and commercial activities through serial …

The Murder on the Orient Express

Istanbul is the last stop on the Orient Express or Eastern Express, which had its first expedition in 1883 from Paris. Between the years of 1883 and 1977, the train expeditions, which were initiated for Europeans to recognize the Eastern civilization and to be informed about its authentic values, especially attracted the attention of authors, artists and the cinema industry.

Unkapanı and Old Bazaars

Technology is rapidly evolving in the present day; even the concept of tape reminiscent of ancient times is unknown to today’s youth. For this reason, we need to explain what a long play record is to today’s youngsters who do not even know the tape in order to tell where the name of Unkapanı Plakçılar Çarşısı (Unkapanı Bazaar of Music …

Fatih Mosque & Havariyyun Church

Fatih, which is one of the districts where conservatism is most intense in Istanbul, embodies a different structure, which is shaped around Fatih Mosque. After the conquest of Istanbul, Fatih Sultan Mehmet, built the mosque on top of the remains of the Havariyyun Church (the Holy Apostles Church), considered highly sacred to Rome.