Tekirdağ City Guide


As one of the favorite provinces of Thrace, Tekirdağ is famous for rakı and meatballs. Bordering on both the Black and Marmara Seas, this beautiful city is surrounded by İstanbul, Edirne, Çanakkale, and Kırklareli provinces. As with anywhere in Turkey, it is possible to see historical traces in Tekirdağ, too. Having hosted the Byzantine, Roman, Persian, and Macedonian civilizations, Tekirdağ came under the domination of the Ottoman Empire in 1357.

Tekirdağ has a transition climate affected by Marmara, Aegean, and Black Sea climates. It gets rain and snowfall in winter and is preferred for summer vacation during the summer. The city is established on fertile soils. There are many plains areas, and the city shows progress in agriculture and in husbandry. Most importantly, sunflower and wheat are obtained the many parts of this city. The city enjoys internal migration thanks to factories opened in the city, helping contribute efficient and quality production. That is why population of the province is increasing.

Tekirdağ City Guide

Natural beautiful sunflowers in the field on sunny spring day.

Places to Visit

Some of the innumerable beauties of our country are here in Tekirdağ. One of these is Turkish House from the 17th century, which dates back to the Late Ottoman Empire Era, and it is now used as a museum. Hungarian tourists in particular visit this museum (Rákóczi Museum) when they come to Tekirdağ. Apart from this, the house where Namık Kemal was born and raised was turned into a museum, and the life-size statue of Atatürk is worth seeing in central Tekirdağ.

Alternative holiday villages of Tekirdağ are important places visited the during summer vacation season, since because of its closeness to Istanbul there are beautiful beaches here. Visitors can stay at a hotel or camp. The best-known holiday destinations of Tekirdağ are:

Tekirdağ City Guide

Fisherman’s shelter at Hoskoy,.

  • Kumbağ Holiday Resort
  • Mürefte
  • Şarköy

Kumbağ Holiday Resort draws more and more tourists each year. That’s why more luxurious hotels and guest houses have started to provide services in the area. Mürefte is famous for a holiday destination because historical artifacts that belonged to the Greeks are on display there. Prominent foods of this place are fish, shrimp, wine, and grapes. With the festivals held during certain times of the year, the county has become more attractive. Şarköy hosts tourists with its 60 kilometer-long coast line. It has gained blue flag with cleanings made in the sea and beach in the recent years. Apart from them, Marmara and Avşa Islands are also worth seeing.

Tekirdağ is also an important destination for wine production in Turkey.

Tekirdağ City Guide

Oak barrels stored in a Vineyard.


The favorite dish of Thrace cuisine is the Tekirdağ Meatball. It is prepared with hot sauce specific to Tekirdağ and peppers—and everyone should definitely taste it. Among other dishes of Trakya are stuffed liver, damat paçası, akıtma, rolled pastry, lip shaped sweet pastry, and höşmerim (a sweet made of unsalted cheese), and another dangerous dessert: Hayrabolu dessert.

How to Get There

You can travel to Tekirdağ by automobile or buses, or resort to rail transportation. You can get to Çerkezköy county of Tekirdağ using the trains which travel to Europe too. It is also possible to travel to Tekirdağ via sea travel. You can go to Avşa and Marmara Islands as well.