Sinop City Guide


Sinop is where Boztepe Cape and the Black Sea meet. Boztepe Cape was a castle town and its port was used frequently during the Ancient Period. However, sands accumulated in this port and over time it became unusable. Thanks to this port, though, Sinop became the most important city of old times; with ample rainfall in every season, Sinop drew the Hittite, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, and Seljuk cultures to its region.

Karaca Cave

Sinop is in a constant change and has contributed a diverse number of cultural influences. One impact is the local cuisine of the province. Among the featured dishes are Turkish ravioli, nokul, pilaki, kaşık çıkartması, keşkek, ıslama, corn soup, corn tarhana, corn paste, leek with vinegar, içli tava, katlama, mıhlama, kaygana, and squash mille.

Places to Visit

In terms of tourism, the city is not really considered an up-and-coming area. Still, it has many historical places, since, as mentioned, it hosted several civilizations over time. These places are:

  • Sinop Museum: artifacts extracted around Sinop from different periods are housed here.
  • Balatlar Church: built by Byzantines and used as a theater at the time.
  • Aladdin Mosque: which belongs to the Seljuk Period and hosts the tombs of İsfendiyaroğulları.
  • Sinop Castle: built for protection of the castle and after several rounds of damage, it continued to be used, but with repairs.
  • Paşa Bastion: built to ward off threats from the sea and now, used as a food and beverage area.
  • Korucuk Bastion: built on a small, rocky hill to guard against maritime threats.
  • Sinop Penitentiary: one structure that draws the attention of tourists and one of the biggest shipyards of the Black Sea. The prison hosted some famous Turkish artists.
  • Şehitler Fountain: during the Ottoman-Russian War, construction here was funded by martyr marines.


Corn soup

The most famous historical structure in Sinop is the Sinop Penitentiary. There are also temples, mosques, and churches, all of which attract tourists


The city is suitable for agriculture and rice in particular thrives here. Brick and timber production are also common. If you go on a Black Sea tour, you should definitely stop by Sinop. The Hıdırellez Festival is held during a certain time of year and you could witness folk dances, wrestling, and enjoy local dishes and other exciting activities.

How to Get There

Transportation to the city via highway is quite easy. If you travel from Istanbul, you can use the Black Sea Coastal Road. If you prefer the convenience of air travel, weekly flights are available.

Sinop City Guide

Sinop Lighthouse


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