Hagia Sophia’s History

Hagia Sophia has experienced many construction processes from past to present. The first construction was started by Emperor Constantius in the Byzantine period. After this was finished, Hagia Sophia was opened for worshiping. The building was built on the Temple of Artemis with the name Hagia Sophia; it was designed with a wooden roof and had traditional Latin architecture. When …

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Istanbul Museums and Modern Arts

Modern art was born by an urge to show the painter’s depth of imagination and firstborn of that philosophy. The trend was later integrated beyond paintings to other social spaces, with the aim of destroying traditional artistic confines. Historical, political, and social events play a major role in the formation of modern art, where the painter actually expresses his feelings …

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Historical Fountains of İstanbul

Istanbul, which hosts different civilizations, is also famous for its historical fountains which have survived the test of time. We can say that the importance of the fountains has increased, especially after being conquered in 1453. Turkish civilizations have given importance to water much since ancient times; each fountain is presented to us as a different artwork. Unfortunately, the number …

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