Samsun City Guide


As one of the most developed cities of the Black Sea Region, Samsun is also the most crowded city of the region. Dating back to the Stone Age, Samsun has hosted many civilizations over time. It was proved that Amazonians (consisting of only women) were in Samsun.

Surrounded by the Canik Mountains, Samsun has a fertile land with deltas. The city has rich forests and lowlands. Kızılırmak and Yeşilırmak Rivers, two important rivers of our country, are within Samsun borders. Apart from these rivers, there are about ten streams in the city. Winters are cold and harsh in the mountainous areas.

Although Samsun is located by the sea, rabbit, duck, wild goose, water chicken, deer, and roe deer are hunted more than fish in this province. Fish types that are the most plentiful are red mullet, anchovy, gray mullet, shad, and gar. As for agriculture, tobacco is grown the most, followed closely by crops of barley and wheat.

Samsun City Guide

Şahinkaya Canyon is one of the most beautiful canyons in Altinkaya Dam reservoir.

Places to Visit

Today, the city does not seem to be a suitable city for tourism. However, major studies are being done in this area. Places that should be visited in Samsun are:

  • Nature tourism; coast and natural places host nature tourism. Samsun has the longest coastal strip in the region and a big sandy beach. The best beaches of Samsun are Atakent, Bandırma, Mert, and Fener Beaches. It is also possible to do horseback riding and paragliding here. Other natural tourist areas are Asarağaç Hill and the Gölalan Waterfalls.
  • Museums, including Samsun Archeology and Ethnography Museum, Bandırma Ferry Museum, Tekkeköy Atatürk House, Samsun City Museum, Çanakkale War Materials 1915 Museum
  • There are three archaeological areas in the city: Akalan Castle, Bağtepe, and Dündartepe Huyuk. Apart from these, Karakol Mosque, Pazar Mosque, Samsun Covered Bazaar, Hazinedarzade Süleyman Madrasa, and Çarşamba Covered Bazaar can also be visited.
  • Antique wooden mosques: Göğceli Mosque (over 800 years old) and Bekdemir Mosque.
Samsun City Guide

Stuffed black cabbage


If you visit the city, you should definitely taste its wonderful dishes because the city is the junction point of Anatolia, Balkan, Caucasian, and Black Sea cuisines. Soups are made of vegetation and plants grown in the area. Dishes of the area are black cabbage soup, stuffed black cabbage, fried black cabbage, bean pickle, bean dish with rice, kuymak made of corn flour, and corn bread. Pide is the most known dish of the city. Tirit made of turkey, goose, or duck is another well-known traditional dish. Beyond a doubt, the most consumed fish in the city is anchovy. It is prepared in soup, and steamed or fried, and it comes in pilaff forms.

How to Get There

Transportation to Samsun has become easier thanks to the road built on the Black Sea coastal strip. Besides land transportation, there are direct flights from İstanbul, Ankara, and İzmir provinces.