Rize City Guide


As the pearl of the Eastern Black Sea, Rize is a paradise situated among greenery. Having come under the domination of ancient civilizations, as well as the Roman, Byzantine, Trabzon, and Ottoman Empire, Rize held special importance during World War I because of the increase in its tea production.

Rize is the area which receives the most rainfall in our country, hence its large, dense forests,. That is why floods and landslides happen—and happen too often – here. Having showed a great development thanks to the tea sector, the city continues to develop with kiwi production which just began in recent years.

Rize City Guide

The city is a paradise situated among greenery.

Rize is an important tourism area with its steep slope valleys, glacial lakes, high mountains, green highlands, historical castle, and arch bridges. This city should be your destination if you seek a both quiet and a dynamic holiday, since rapids can break the quiet at any second. As for sports, it is possible to do canoe race, skiing, trekking, and hiking in the beautiful nature of the city. Anyone who wants to get in touch with nature can try these sports, and enjoy a great landscape while they are at it.

Rize City Guide

The Ayder Valley is a popular destination for summer tourism.

Places to Visit

Touristic and historical areas in Rize are:

  • Rize Castle
  • İslampaşa Mosque
  • Cafer Paşa Mosque
  • Çayeli Castle
  • Kız Castle
  • Kale-i Bala (Castle)
  • Zilkale (Castle)
  • Ayder Thermal Spring
  • Andon Mineral Spring
  • İkizdere Mineral Spring.
Rize City Guide

Rize held special importance during World War I because of the increase in its tea production.

Thermal springs found only in the Ayder county of Rize are an important center of health here. Thermal and mineral spring areas bring with them healing features. People with kidney and stomach illnesses in particular flock to these areas for health reasons. Anzer Highland, Ayder Highland, Aşağı Kavron, and Yukarı Kavron Highlands constitute the areas which have helped Rize gain its ‘highland tourism center’ title. There are accommodations here that serve tourists who come to visit. Kaçkar Mountain in Rize is the fourth biggest mountain in the country. Where there is a mountain, of course, there will be mountain sports! Climbing and safari are popular on the Kaçkar Mountains, and when the snow starts to melt, you can try canoeing and rafting sports on the Fırtına and İyidere Rivers. Rich vegetation and various animal families are also worth seeing.

Rize City Guide

Rize should be your destination if you seek both quiet and dynamic holiday.


Rize is the center of fish dishes and the first city that comes to mind when you say anchovy because every dish of the city contains it! Pilaff with anchovy, steamed anchovy, stuffed and fried anchovies, boiled anchovy, fried anchovy on iron plate, lahmacun with anchovy, and soups with anchovy—all of these specialties are symbols of Rize.

How to Get There

It is easy to find an ideal means of transportation to Rize. However, the city is seen as a hidden paradise since it is located in a mountainous area. If you prefer highway, you can find bus service with regular travel schedules, or use the newly built Black Sea Road.