Nevşehir City Guide


Located in Central Anatolia, Nevşehir is one of the most important centers of tourism today. In the Cappadocia region with its historical structure and beauty, the city attracts millions of local and foreign tourists every year. First, the town was converted into a city in the time of the Hittites, and later, it was a very important location in the Roman and Byzantine period. Surrounded by Yozgat in the north, Kırşehir and Aksaray in the west, Kayseri in the east, and Niğde in the south, Nevşehir is also a place where nature behaves in the most generous way.

Climate and Local Cuisine

Nevşehir has a typical climatic characteristic of Central Anatolia and has a terrestrial structure. Therefore, winters are very cold, and summers are hot and dry. Nevertheless, it is the center of attraction of the region and hosts visitors all seasons of the year. However, in April, May, September and October, it has a mild climate.

Nevşehir Cuisine includes testi kebab, bulama, aside, and potato soup. In addition, tarhana soup is cooked in all houses. Also, local flavors such as soğanlama, ağpakla, katma aşı, divil, and sızgıt can be tried. Semolina dessert, aside, and hoşaf drink are sweet treats for your palate.

Nevşehir City Guide

Narlı Lake

Places to Visit

Cappadocia is a very popular tourist resort with its natural structures, including 60-million-year-old fairy chimneys, historic ruins, and cities that belong to past civilizations. For this reason, you will need more than a day to visit Nevşehir.

  • Göreme Open Air Museum: Göreme, which emerged as a city in the 4th century after carving the rocks in the region, has many churches, chapels, and monasteries. The Open Air Museum is one of the most important religious centers for Christians, and Çarıklı and Karanlık Church are popular as well.
  • Uçhisar Castle: The Castle, which is one of the symbols of Cappadocia, is a place where you can watch the whole city via panoramic view, so you can see Erciyes from the castle.
  • Üç Güzeller (Three Beauties): The Three Beauties, which is the symbol of Nevşehir, are natural structures with a beautiful view formed by the 3 fairy chambers standing side by side. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • Zelve Vadisi: The oldest settlement in Cappadocia. Many churches and tunnels are in the valley.
  • Pancarlık Church Valley: Located in Ortahisar region, it attracts attention with its nests for pigeons.
  • Nevşehir Underground Cities: There are many underground cities in Nevşehir. The most famous of these is the underground city of Derinkuyu. In addition, the underground cities of Kaymaklı Özkonak, Mucur, and Örentepe are also in demand by tourists.
Nevşehir City Guide

Haci Bektas Veli Tomb and Museum Building

  • Ihlara Valley: The valley, which is located on the border of Nevşehir and Aksaray, attracts attention, especially with its walking track. There are also remnants of the Church of St George in the valley. The beautiful sunrises and sunsets are especially enticing for photo enthusiasts.
  • Üzengi Valley: Located between Ortahisar and Ürgüp, the valley stands out with its walking track and natural water resources.
  • Çavuşin Church
  • Ethnography Museum
  • Ortahisar Castle
  • Güvercinlik Valley
  • Hacı Bektaş-ı Veli Tomb: The tomb of a famous sufi who lived in the region around the 13th century. There is also a museum inside.
Nevşehir City Guide

Pottery making from clay


Hacı Bektaş Veli Commemoration Ceremonies come to the fore, especially in Nevşehir festivals. International participation takes place. Ürgüp Vine-harvest Festival, which is famous for grapes, lasts three days and includes important activities related to grapes and wine. Aksalur Cherry Festival, Avanos Handicrafts, and Art Days are also important events.

Underground Cities of Cappadocia

Morning hot air balloons in Cappadocia

How to Get There

You can reach Nevşehir in Central Anatolia via highway from every point of the country. Ankara – Nevşehir offers 280 km of access and a 3.5–hour road trip. If you prefer to travel by air, the Kayseri and Nevşehir Airports are easily reachable.


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