Hot Springs Itineraries for Turkey


Do you want to find healing in thermal waters and get rid of the exhaustion of the year? As you know, bathing in hot springs gradually increases the temperature of your body, killing harmful germs. It also increases body metabolism and stimulates the secretions of the intestinal tract and the liver, aiding digestion. Those waters contain high amounts of negative ions, which can help promote feelings of physical and psychological well–being in patients. Please see our “hot springs itineraries for Turkey” suggestions for each region below.

Aegean Springs: Afyon – Denizli – Aydın – Muğla

Gazlıgöl, Heybeli, Gecek hot springs, which are rich in magnesium, calcium, and sulfate minerals, are in Afyon province, 15–20 kilometers away from the city center. Pamukkale thermals and Karahayıt hot springs are in Denizli, which are world-famous. You can have a mud bath in Germencik and also stop by the Kızıldere hot springs in Aydın. Köyceğiz in Muğla, is also famous for its mud baths.

Hot Springs Itineraries for Turkey

Bathers enjoy rubbing mineral rich mud on each others bodies in one of the thermal pools at the travertines. The travertines are also known as Pamukkale (Cotton Castle).

Mediterranean Hot Springs: Antalya – Hatay – Adana

While in Antalya, you can visit Damlataş cave and hot springs, which is known for healing many illnesses with its mineral rich waters. You can also visit Kaş and Demre Springs. There are also springs in Hatay called Kumlu. In Adana, Kurttepe Springs serves the tourists.

Demre thermal water

Central Anatolia Hot Springs: Sivas – Yozgat – Kırşehir – Nevşehir – Niğde – Eskişehir – Ankara

Sivas has a world-famous eczema-treating fish springs in Çermik. Yozgat has its own hot springs in Sarıkaya, Boğazlıyan and Sorgun districts. Relax with plenty of sulphur in Kırşehir, Karakurt spa. Other springs in the region are in Nevşehir, Kozaklı; Niğde, Çiftehan; and Eskişehir, Sakarlıca. Our capital city, Ankara, also has hot springs in Kızılcahamam, Ankara.

Hot Springs Itineraries for Turkey

Other springs in the region are in Nevşehir, Kozaklı; Niğde, Çiftehan. When you visit Nevşehir for thermal holiday, do not forget to visit Cappadocia.

Marmara Region Hot Springs: Balıkesir – Bursa – Yalova

Visit Balıkesir, Gönen, Edremit and Güre hot springs and immerse in the healing waters there. Especially Gönen is one of the most popular among hot springs in Turkey. In Bursa, relax and stroll through the town of Oylat, Çekirge thermal hotels. Stop at the thermal springs in the Armutlu district in central Yalova.

Yalova City Guide

Termal Park view in Termal, Yalova. Termal has popular thermal spring in Turkey

Black Sea Springs: Bolu – Amasya – Samsun – Rize

Rest in Bolu, Karacasu and Mudurnu. Enter the hot springs in the natural mountain atmosphere of Amasya Terziköy. Stop by the baths of Samsun, Lâdik and Havza hot springs. In Rize, Çamlıhemşin and Ayder are famous for their hot springs.

Hot Springs Itineraries for Turkey

In Rize, Çamlıhemşin and Ayder are famous for their hot springs.

Eastern Anatolia Springs: Erzurum – Ağrı – Diyarbakır

Visit the Pasinler and Ilıca hot springs at the high altitude of Erzurum. Ağrı, Diyadin awaits you after Erzurum with its thermal springs. If you are in Diyarbakır Çermik, make sure to spend some time in the hot springs there.

Hot Springs Itineraries for Turkey

A thermal park in Çermik, Diyarbakır.