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Antalya City Guide: Antalya City Guide

Antalya, located in the Mediterranean Region, is considered the capital of tourism in our country. Its history dates back 5000 years, so it is a region that has hosted many different civilizations. Antalya is located at the west end of the Mediterranean Region and surrounded by Muğla, Burdur, Isparta, Konya, Karaman, and Mersin. On the south side is the Mediterranean …

Izmir City Guide: Izmir City Guide

İzmir, the third largest city in our country, is located in the Aegean region. Extremely modern, the city is also one of the important destinations that holds the pulse of tourism. As a harbor city, it has hosted many different civilizations throughout history and undertook the task of being the most important city center in the Ionian and Roman periods. …

Batman City Guide: Batman City Guide

Located in Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey, Batman is a province that has preserved its rich history in the lands where the Dicle River streams. Hasankeyf Ancient City is a wonder of nature with over 1,000 caves and many historical monuments. Before 1990, when terror activities abounded, Batman had been a city where fast developments took place.