Ordu City Guide


As one of the beautiful cities of the Black Sea Region, Ordu is located in the middle of Giresun, Samsun, Tokat, and Sivas cities. The province features foothills of the mountains, and in the areas of higher altitude, rainfall and cold weather are experienced much more often than some other areas. As a both natural and tourist city, Ordu is home to historical beauties as well.

Nut production in particular is prevalent in Ordu. Products from some alternative economies such as kiwi and soy have been produced as well in the recent years. Ordu is a leading city in the flooring sector and has no rival. In fact, Ordu supplies the whole country with wooden materials that are part of laminated flooring materials.

Ordu City Guide

Taşbaşı Church

Places to Visit

Ordu hosts visitors in the best way possible with its rich tourism facilities. Highland tourism, coastal tourism, trekking, and paragliding are all prevalent in the city. Tourist hot spots in Ordu include:

  • Yason Cape: One of the most interesting —and most visited places— by local and foreign tourists in our province.
  • Boztepe: Another natural wonder of our city. If you want to have a aerial viewpoint of Ordu and the Black Sea, you should definitely visit this place. During summer season in particular, Boztepe is appealing for its view of the nearby verdant hills. There are also restaurants and picnic areas here. Adventurous souls have the chance to try paragliding activities in Boztepe. Aerial railway built between Boztepe and Ordu make for a strong infrastructure.
  • Ulugöl: The lake, which is close to Gölköy county of Ordu, is a crater lake.
  • Perşembe Highland
Ordu City Guide

Night view Boztepe

  • Çambaşı Highland
  • Castles (Ünye Castle, Gölköy Castle, Bolaman Castle, Kurul Castle)
  • Churches (Taşbaşı Church, Mesudiye Şaphane Church, Mesudiye Topçam Greek Church, Mesuiye Yason Greek Church, Mesudiye Greek Orthodox Church)
  • Museums and Historical Structures (Paşaoğlu Mansion, Osman Paşa Şadırvan (Fountain), Bolaman Hazinedaroğlu Mansion, Bolaman Yeni Pazar Mosque, Fatsa Hacı Hulusi Baba Mosque, Laleli Mosque).

Turkmen culture has brought a major influence in Ordu. Folk dance and a variety of musical genres also have influenced nearby provinces. Ordu hosts local people on its beautiful beaches during the summer season. Çaka Beach, Efirli Beach, and Mavi Beach are among the beaches which can be visited during summer.

Ordu City Guide

Nuts is the primary agri product in the northern part of Turkey

Local Cuisine

When you say Ordu, fish comes to mind, as in all other Black Sea coastal cities. Apart from fish, stuffed beet, beet soup, keşkek, steamed anchovy, fried corn breaded anchovies, su böreği, corn bread, fried mushroom (tirmit), fried pickle (bean pickle, cherry pickle), and mıhlama can be listed as dishes that carry with them a rich cultural heritage.

How to Get There

Transportation to Ordu has become a very enjoyable thanks to the coastal road built near the Black Sea. Either automobile or bus can be taken along this highway. Also, air transportation is available via the Trabzon Airport.