Konya City Guide


Concerning the size, Konya is the biggest province of our country. Contributing much to our country with its economy and cultural richness, Konya also has quite an important history. Having survived since ancient times, the city became one an important center during the Turkish War of Independence because wounded soldiers were sent here. In fact, Konya became a treatment center for the sick and wounded sent from front lines.

Konya is vital as it is located centrally, in a very strategic area that acts as a sort of bridge among important provinces such as Aksaray, Ankara, Niğde, Afyon, Antalya, and Mersin. There are many lowlands and plains areas in the city, which makes it convenient for agriculture. Apart from that, its “industry city” title contributes to development here. It can be said that Konya is one of the important provinces as it has aided in improving the country with its strategic location and developed economic field.

Konya City Guide

Mevlânâ museum view from garden, Mevlânâ Celaleddin-i Rumi is a sufi philosopher.

Places to Visit

There are many lakes in Konya, generally as a result of tectonic movements:

  • Akşehir Lake
  • Tuz Lake
  • Beyşehir Lake
  • Suğla Lake
  • Ilgın Lake
  • Ereğli Lake
  • Acı Lake
  • Yunak Lake
  • Meke Crater Lake
Konya City Guide

Melike Hatun colorful bazaar

Since Konya was established on a plain area, it is significantly affected by weather and climate shifts impacting its environment. It’s hot during summers and snowy and cold during winters.

Attracting both local and foreign tourists, Konya is a developing city in every field. Historical graves of several Sultans are in this city, including:

  • Aleaddin Keykubat
  • Rüknettin Mesut
  • Kılıç Arslan,
  • Süleyman Şah
  • Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev
Konya City Guide

Stone Bridge, Beyşehir

These emperors are buried in an area called Alaaddin Hill. Apart from this, there are several other important places to visit:

  • Mevlânâ Museum
  • Aleaddin Mosque, Aziziye Mosque, Kapu Mosque, Kadı Mürsel Mosque, Sahipata Mosque, İplikçi Mosque, Şerafettin Mosque, Eşrefoğlu Mosque
  • Aya Elenia Church, Konya Saint Paul Church, Sille Siyata Monastery
  • Çatalhöyük (Çatalhöyük Mound)

Mevlânâ Museum, called Yeşil Kubbe, used to be used as dervish convent of Mevlânâ. Çatalhöyük Mound also has extant remnants that reflect the Byzantine Period.

Konya City Guide

Konya etli ekmek


The city has exquisite tastes and it is famous for dishes like arabaşı soup, okra soup, fırın kebab, sac arası, yoghurt soup, wedding rice dish, brewis, and quickbread with ground meat. Visitors from different cities come to Konya just for quickbread with ground meat, in fact, just another thing for which the city has become famous. Hosting various cultures, Konya continues to develop as a university city as well.

How to Get There

As it is located in the accessible center of our country, transportation to our province is simple. Acting as a bridge among provinces, Konya has ample highways. Apart from this, air and rail transportation to our city is also available.