Kırklareli City Guide


In compliance with its location, Kırklareli has hosted many civilizations in the history. It is known that the city was submerged during the Ice Age. Then, under the domination of the Romans, Byzantines, and the Ottomans in later periods, Kırklareli became over time one of the most important cities of our country.

Places to Visit

Bordering on Bulgaria, Kırklareli is surrounded by Tekirdağ, Edirne, and the Black Sea. With its quickly developing industry, the province is one of our must-see cities. Kırklareli has much to offer in terms of natural beauties and historical places as well. If you are visiting Kırklareli, you should definitely see the following:

Kırklareli City Guide

Traditional Pavli fair. Local and nomadic people meet in this traditional area every year. Culture of the fair is based on Gypsy lifestyle.

  • Lakes and dams: Pedina Lake, Hamam Lake, Mert Lake, Erikli Lake ve Saka Lake, Armağan ve Kayalı Dams
  • Caves: Dupnisa Cave, Bedre Cave, Pekmezdere Cave, Domuzdere Cave, Kıyıköy Cave, Yenesu Cave
  • Nature Reserve Areas: Saka Lake, Longoz (Floodplain) and Kasto Cove Reserve Areas
  • Beaches: Poliçe Beach in Vize county, Kıyıköy Beach and Panayır Port, İğneada Beach in Demirköy county

Several places in Kırklareli also reflect history, including important places like Vize Castle, Pınarhisar Castle, Hızırbey Social Complex, Küçük Ayasofya Church, Mağara Monastery, Aya Nikola Monastery, Babaeski, and Alpullu Bridges. Local people and tourists take motor tours in Pabuçdere. In touch with nature, this river hosts gray mullet and carp. With its beautiful beaches, this place attracts many tourists.

Kırklareli City Guide

Fishing with artificial baits.

As for places that give some hints about old settlement areas, Kanlıgeçit Mound and Aşağı Pınar Mound come to mind. Remnants of the past have been unearthed recently in this area. One of the floodplain-type forests is in Kırklareli, which is İğneada Floodplain. It is a forested area but turns into a wetland due to substantial winter rainfall. Its natural beauties amaze everyone, so definitely put this place on your list.

Caves in our city are also constantly controlled so that visitors can tour inside and around them in comfort. As an important archaeology and ethnography museum, Kırklareli Museum is also one place that sees many visitors.

Kırklareli City Guide

Farmers picking up roses at the Big Rose Garden.

Accepting migrations from the Balkans, this city offers a great variety of dishes. Pastries constitute the major part of our cuisine and dinner tables can be enriched with fish. The main dishes of the city include stew, tas kebab, stewed lamb, milk soup, bean soup, soups with rabbit, borani, toyga, onion dish, stewed quail, rabbit meatballs, grilled fish, manca, and kuskus.

How to Get There

Both highway and air are options for coming to see our city, which again is close to the Balkan Region. The fact that Kırklareli is located near İstanbul has also helps to ease transportation difficulties. Thanks to this, visitors can choose any transportation option they wish and know their trip will be efficient and smooth.