Kars City Guide


At 200 meters above sea level, Kars is the highest provincial center in our country. It is a historical city that was the capital of Bagratlı Kingdom and Caucasus Government. It has a difficult city structure and it is a neighbor to Armenia. Allahuekber Mountains, Akbaba Mountain, Mount Vesir, Aladağ, and Aşağıdağ are among the mountains in the city.

Climate and Local Cuisine

Some ruins of the Paleolithic period are evidence of a deep-rooted history here. With the age of written documentation, the Urartians, the Persians, and then the Seljuks surged in Kars. Grassland areas and grazing lands’ richness in this region have also contributed greatly to the development of agriculture and of animal husbandry. The animals are handed over in dairy and distributed to all over the country. Locally produced honey and gruyere cheese are especially attractive to people throughout the whole country, so that this cheese was awarded the grand prize in Turkey several times. In the city, wheat and barley in particular, but also cabbage and turnips, are grown.

Kars City Guide

Traditional Gruyere cheese aka Gravyer from Kars city in Turkey.

Since economy of the city mostly depends on the agriculture, it tends to deal with a continuous migration. Different ethnic structures and sects are active here, so there is a very colorful and rich culture which shows itself in the food scene as well. Kars borek, shish kebab, leaf ravioli, hasuda, katmer, cut soup, noodles , potato rice, and lentil rice are among the famous dishes in this province, where the cuisine is based on pulses and meat.

Kars City Guide

Kurbanağa Cave

The crystal-like snow, seen only in the Alps, supports the Sarıkamış Ski Center, which is a popular destination during winter.

Places to Visit

  • Sarikamis Ski Resort
  • Ani Ruins
  • İnkaya Micingirt Castle
  • Kuyucuk Birds’ Sanctuary
  • Kars Beylerbeyi Palace
  • Kars Museum
  • Katerina Pavilion
  • Allahuekber Mountains
Kars City Guide

At 200 meters above sea level, Kars is the highest provincial center in our country.

  • Topçuoğlu Baths
  • Kars Castle
  • Evliya Mosque
  • Kars Selçuklu Palace
  • Kurbanağa Cave
  • Cıbıltepe Ski Resort.

How to Get There

You might think that transportation would be difficult, but there are 3 alternatives. Apart from land transportation from the seven regions of our country, a traveller can use the Kars Airport to go to Kars. In addition, the Eastern Express and the railway transport can get you to the city, but beware that Eastern Express is very busy during the winter, because this is a landmark journey among local travellers.