Itineraries that Integrate Turkish and Greek Islands


There are plenty of beautiful islands in the Aegean Sea between Turkey and Greece, which share a common history. Especially with a nice two-day plan during a summer vacation, you can visit all the islands. Here are the details about the Turkish and Greek Islands.

Ayvalık Cunda Island – Lesbos

Schengen visa is required when you want to visit the Greek islands. However, the visa application at the door has been developed specifically for the islands and is valid on all islands. Ayvalık, Cunda Island, which is a town of Balıkesir, will be a good place to start your tour, with its magnificent beauties. Between April and September, you can take the ferry from Ayvalık to Midilli Island. You must visit the town of Molivos on the island of Lesbos, all covered with olive and fruit trees. Plomari Town is known as the Old City with its historic houses and will be a great trip route.

Fishing boat and clouds reflections at calm day in Ayvalik

Fishing boat and clouds reflections at calm day in Ayvalik

Çeşme – Chios

Chios, the 5th. largest island in Greece, is a very close destination to Çeşme, İzmir. The island is decorated with gum trees, for which it is named (Sakız –chios– means gum in Turkish). When you reach Chios on a 30-minute ferry trip from Çeşme, you can visit many monasteries and historic houses; You can enjoy windsurfing as you approach the sea via beautiful beaches. But do not forget to see the gum trees and the gum obtained from it.

Itineraries that Integrate Turkish and Greek Islands

The little church of Agios Isidoros upon a tiny islet, close to Langada town.

Kaş – Meis Island

Antalya’s Kaş district is located only 2 kilometers from the Island of Meis, which was once home to the Saint Jean Knights, and is a magnificent piece of land that is rich in history. You can reach the island in 20 minutes by taking a ferry that departs every day from 10:00 to 16:00. When you go to the island, make sure to dive in the Blue Cave and taste the Greek cuisine on the beach.

Itineraries that Integrate Turkish and Greek Islands

Kastellorizo (Megisti, Meis), Greece.

Kuşadası – Samos

Kuşadası – Samos Island gives you access with a 90-minute ferry trip. You can also reach Samos from Seferihisar, İzmir in 150 minutes. Located on the beach, Pythagoras Square is ideal for evening walks. There are many places where you can swim, with the beaches and beautiful coves designed with natural houses. You must also visit the tunnels.

Itineraries that Integrate Turkish and Greek Islands

Kokkari Village beach view. Kokkari Village is popular tourist destination in Samos Island.

Bodrum Turgutreis – Kos Island

Kos Island is also known as İstanköy. Bodrum and Turgutreis ferries can be reached in half an hour, departing from Muğla. Moreover, you can take your own car with the ferries to the island with an additional fee. You can see many historic buildings such as the Costa Asklepion Ancient City and the Castle of the Knights. There are many night entertainment clubs to enjoy. There is a great atmosphere and clean air.

Itineraries that Integrate Turkish and Greek Islands

Beautiful street view in Kos Island. Kos Island is popular tourist destination in Greece.

Datça – Simi Island

8 kilometers from Datça, 6.5 miles from Bozburun, Simi Island is a wonderful Greek island that you can reach via a beautiful boat trip. You can visit the streets of the island where many historic houses and buildings stand. Especially the Chorio shade and the coast of Gialos are worth seeing.

Datça Harbour view.

Marmaris Bozburun – Rhodes Island

After a nice stroll around Marmaris Bozburun, you can reach Rhodes Island with a 1-hour ferry ride. Rhodes, which is the oldest and most deeply rooted Greek Island, will be made available to you in two different locations, the new and old city. You can take a stroll in Rhodes Faliraki and Rhodes city center and have fun in the beautiful clubs in the evening.

Itineraries in Aegea

The chapel in the old town and the port of Emporio in Halki Island, one of the Greek Islands near Rhodes Island, Europe.