Düzce City Guide


Düzce is a beautiful city in the Black Sea Region with a history dating back to the 1400s BC, spanning the periods of Bitinia, Rome, Byzantine, and Ottoman. The city was connected to the Bolu district from 1869 until the Marmara earthquake of 1999, then it was transformed to provincial status in order to receive assistance faster. Located in the Western Black Sea, Düzce is surrounded by Zonguldak in the north-east, Bolu in the south-east and Adapazarı in the west. Düzce is very close to İstanbul and Ankara and hosts many activities.

Climate and Local Cuisine

In Düzce, where the transition effect of the Marmara climate is felt intensely, the average temperature in summer is around 25 degrees and the rainy season lasts for months. There are many species of trees in the area, providing an environment of abundant greenery.

Düzce has a cosmopolitan structure in terms of its geographical location. Therefore, its cuisine includes menus of different geographies. It mostly has a table culture dominated by the Caucasian immigrants and the Eastern Black Sea. If you are in Duzce, you should absolutely taste Düzce meatball, grilled cutlet, Albanian-style fried diced liver, and Circassian chicken. Smoked fish is a popular dish. Lazy wife’s pasta, mamursa spoon pasta, pie with anchovies, melengüç flower dessert, and omelet with vegetables are all-prominent in local cuisine.

Düzce City Guide

Çerkez tavuğu (Circassian style chicken)

Places to Visit

Even though its history dates back to the 14th century BC, Düzce was not a very populated area in Ottoman times. In recent years, it has become popular for outdoor sports such as mountain hiking, safari, off-road, and rafting.

  • Melen River: The Melen River is one of Turkey’s most important rafting destinations, and Yığılca opens doors to many amateur and professional athletes each year.
  • Efteni Lake: Efteni Lake, which shows the generosity of nature in terms of ecological wealth, is located 14 kilometers from Düzce plain. The lake also serves as a natural bird watching area with over 150 different bird species. It is an indispensable location, especially for campers and photographers.
  • Pürenli Plateau: The Pürenli Plateau, which is particularly popular among the citizens of Istanbul and Bursa, attracts attention with its camp sites and especially its facilities for young campers.
Düzce City Guide

Efteni Lake

  • Güzeldere Waterfall: The tremendous aesthetic beauty of the Güzeldere Waterfall can be found 28 kilometers from Duzce, 16 kilometers from the Guzeldere Village. It is a perfect picnic destination, with the beautiful sights and sounds of the waterfall and the surrounding abundance of nature and wildlife.
  • Aydınpınar Waterfall: Consisting of five different clusters, the sounds of the waterfall can be heard as you camp among the trees of Oak and Hornbeam. Natural walking trails around the waterfall are also available.
  • Kurugöl Canyon: Kurugöl Canyon is only 14 km from the center of Düzce and is filled with the stunning beauty of untouched nature.
  • Akçakoca: In Düzce, Akçakoca is among the regions suitable for sea tourism, and also boasts the fascinating Ceneviz Castle.
  • Fakıllı Cave: The cave, which is 8 kilometers away from Düzce, is a dripstone cave with a total length of 1 kilometer. The white room inside the cave is quite interesting.
Düzce City Guide

Akcakoca Town coastal view

  • Sarıkaya Cave: This Authentic cave in the town of Sarıkaya in Düzce boasts a restaurant for a unique cave-dining experience.
  • Hemşin Mosque: built by Ottoman Sultan Mahmut II in 1834, is a different architectural structure with wood but without nails. The mosque, which has two stories, consists of wooden pieces and blocks that are intertwined. It is a very authentic space.
  • Dadalı Village: recalling Şirince, boasts natural houses and narrow streets.
  • Orhan Gazi Mosque: over 700 years old wooden mosque!

Düzce Festivals

Along with nature tourism, Düzce, attracts a lot of attention due to its festivals. The Düzce Bicycle Festival is organized every May in order to introduce Düzce’s nature to wider masses. Hidden Paradise Yığılca Culture Tourism and Nature Festival is another event that is held in June and has a very wide participation. Çilimli Regional Culture and Arts and Fraternity Festival and the Kardüz plateau festivals transform the region into a bustling town.

How to Get There

Düzce is 217 kilometers from Istanbul and 236 kilometers from Ankara, so many bus companies have lines that go through the city.


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