Best Budget Itineraries in Turkey


There are thousands of different destinations to choose from for your trip, but if you do not have much of a budget, you should follow our suggestions for budget itineraries in Turkey’s most beautiful places. Thus, you can enjoy yourself without spending a lot of money on shopping and travel during your vacation.

Çanakkale – Assos

Assos Village of Ayvacık, Çanakkale offers options for both nature holidays and sea holidays. It is preferred by families with its small, cheap hostels and spectacular views. The motels here are top spots for budget itineraries.

Best Budget Itineraries in Turkey

Ruins of the Temple of Athena in Assos, Canakkale, Turkey.

Muğla – Akyaka

In Muğla, which is a tourism paradise, you can choose cheap, single-storey natural houses in Akyaka instead of many expensive tourist facilities. Also, windsurfing and boat tours are extremely economical.

Best Budget Itineraries in Turkey

Azmak River Akyaka, Mugla.

Antalya – Olympos

You can stay in cheap lodgings in a magnificent town like Olympos in Antalya instead of staying at hotels with astronomical prices.

Best Budget Itineraries in Turkey

Genoese Bay, near Olympos, Antalya, Turkey.

Balıkesir – Ayvalık

You can plan an economical holiday in Balıkesir, Ayvalık, especially in Sarımsaklı region, which is equipped with the most suitable hostels offering the comfort of a 5-star hotel.

Best Budget Itineraries in Turkey

Cunda island, Ayvalik, Balikesir, Turkey

İzmir – Sığacık

Sığacık is a town of Seferihisar, which saves you from the hustle and bustle of İzmir, and has cheap hostels and budget fish restaurants.

Best Budget Itineraries in Turkey

Sığacık is first cittaslow city in Turkey, located in Aegean cost.

Kapadokya – Göreme

In Cappadocia, which is considered the center of domestic and foreign tourism, you can plan an economic holiday in affordable boutique hotels in Göreme, and you can enjoy many economic activities such as safari in the region.

Best Budget Itineraries in Turkey

View of the Goreme cave city in Cappadocia in Turkey.

Bursa – Çekirge

There are affordable boutique hotels in the Çekirge district of Bursa, which will offer you many different opportunities for both history and nature. So you can visit historical sites and plan walks in the magnificent authentic atmosphere of Çekirge.

Best Budget Itineraries in Turkey

The domes of a historical Turkish bath (hammam) in Bursa, Turkey.


You do not have to spend a lot of money to see the rock tombs, historical houses, and Amasya Castle in Amasya, which has witnessed the history of Anatolia. There are hostels and other local houses available in Amasya.

Best Budget Itineraries in Turkey

Amasya Turkey.

Ordu – Ünye

Featuring one of the most beautiful beaches of the Black Sea, Ünye offers you accommodation at very affordable prices. Thus, you can make day travels to Perşembe, Fatsa, and other towns of Ordu.

Best Budget Itineraries in Turkey

Coast of Black Sea. Unye, Ordu.


Sinop, located in the far north of the country, is where you will find Hamsilos Bay, and the coast is waiting for you with the Erfelek Waterfalls. Moreover, you can find cheap hostels in Sinop.

Hamsilos Bay (The only fjord of Turkey) at Sinop

Amasra – Bartın

Although the Amasra district of Bartın has become more popular recently, it is still one of the most economical holiday resorts. It has a magnificent beach that is like a hidden paradise, and fish restaurants await you. This is a wonderful holiday plan that is more affordable than vacation spots in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions.

Best Budget Itineraries in Turkey

Amasra district of Bartin province of Turkey

Kastamonu – İnebolu

You can stay in cheap guesthouses in the district of İnebolu in Kastamonu. Doğanyurt and Cide coasts are worth visiting. Also, Kastamonu city center offers a full day trip. The routes are all close to each other, so you can also travel by public transport.

Inebolu coastal view and sunset.

Karabük – Safranbolu

If you are tired of the big city lifestyle in Ankara and Istanbul, Karabük Safranbolu is for you. You can stay at the historical Safranbolu Mansions at really affordable prices and start the day with a nice village breakfast.

Best Budget Itineraries in Turkey

Traditional Ottoman houses in Safranbolu, Turkey. Safranbolu is another low-cost option for budget itineraries.

İstanbul – Kilyos

You can sunbathe and swim in the beautiful water of Kilyos, which is in the process of recovery. Kilyos offers boutique hotels and hostels.

Best Budget Itineraries in Turkey

Wave of the sea on the sand beach against blue sky in Kilyos, istanbul

Çanakkale – Gökçeada

Even though Bozcaada stands out, Çanakkale Gökçeada is waiting for you with its nature, sandy beach, and natural environment. Moreover, you can plan a holiday with the hostels and boutique hotels, which are extremely convenient.

Gökçeada (Imroz) is Turkey’s largest island.


Kars is quite ideal, especially if you are considering a few days’ getaway in the winter. When you reach Kars by riding the Eastern Express train, it will cost less than a bus, and you can choose accommodation areas built with old historical buildings for a holiday plan with reasonable prices.

Kars has many amazing historical places and is very convenient for budget itineraries.


Many family-run resorts are located in Sapanca. For a wonderful natural holiday, especially as a weekend getaway, you can find affordable holiday villages located in the vicinity of Lake Sapanca and also further inland.

Lake Sapanca is a fresh water lake in Turkey.