Artvin City Guide


Artvin is a medieval city that dates back to 3500 BC, according to the analysis of the remains found during excavations in the 1940s. Known as Livane in the Ottoman era, Artvin is a Black Sea city that was established on the sloping land on the left side of the Çoruh Valley. Artvin is bordered by Erzurum to the south, Ardahan to the southeast, and Rize to the west. On the northwest side, it neighbors with Georgia and also draws the northeast border of our country.

Climate and Local Cuisine

In recent years, Artvin has become known for nature tourism. It has a warm and rainy climate in both summer and winter, due to its proximity to the Black Sea. The high humidity in Artvin produces very rich flora and fauna.

Located in one of Turkey’s most challenging areas in terms of transportation, Artvin has been able to protect its natural environment for a very long time, as it has a steep vertical structure. As a result of this environment, Artvin cuisine generally consists of the dishes that include vegetables and herbs such as mountain beet, wild purslane, bird meal, and mallow. Among the prominent traditional dishes of Artvin cuisine are puçuko made from dried green beans and black cabbage soup and roll, which is found throughout the Black Sea region. Dishes that are unique to Artvin include Tutmaç soup, püşürük soup, çergebaz, hasuta and kaysefe.

Artvin City Guide


Places to Visit

Artvin captures the attention of nature-lovers with rafting and canoe tours, trekking trails, and ample natural beauty. There are many sites that offer opportunities for incredible photography:

  • Cehennem Deresi (Hell Stream) Canyon: The canyon is close to 3 kilometers with 200-meter steep rocks, and is located in Ardıç Cehennem Deresi (Hell Stream).
  • Deliklikaya (Holey Rock): This untouched habitat has a tiny waterfall and lakes, making it enormously suitable for trekking.
  • Arşiyan Plateau: This beautiful landscape is ideal for hiking and photography.
  • Plateaus Village: This village in the Yusufeli district has a unique flair with its little frame houses and location near the mountainside.
Artvin City Guide

Forest and city views.

  • Mençuna Waterfall: This waterfall is surrounded by extremely difficult trails, but has breathtaking flora and historic bridges.
  • Meral Waterfall: This waterfall in the Karçal Mountains is 65 meters long, making it one of the longest waterfalls of the Black Sea.
  • Otingo Hot Spring: Located in the village of Balcı, Borçka, this hot spring has been a favorite of the local people for centuries.
  • Karagöl Sahara National Park: Located at an altitude of 1,800 meters, Karagöl is renowned amongst photography lovers and has become a popular tourism site in recent years due to the Sahara Pancarcı Festival, lakeside campsites, and beautiful trails for nature walks.
  • Beyazsu Plateau: This breathtaking display of greenery overlooking the stunning sea is a majestic visual experience.
  • Hatila Valley: This unique site offers an observation terrace for a stunning view. Along with the abundant natural beauty, there are also many historic places to visit in Artvin:
  • Çifte (Double) Bridge: Two bridges built in the middle of the 1700s in Ortacalar stand perpendicular to each other and draw attention as one of the interesting architectural structures of the Black Sea.
Artvin City Guide

Bazgiret village in Şavşat.

  • Beyazsu Plateau: Dolishane Church. It is one of the structures that witness to the history and built up in 10th century. It is located on the road of Artvin Şavşat.
  • Ferhatli Castle: The outer walls of this ancient castle stand on a rock high above the Ardanuç River, next to the village of Ferhatli, providing an enchanted view from the road below.
  • Atatepe: This Turkish monument stands on a breathtaking hill overlooking the city and can be seen from various viewpoints.


Artvin Kafkasör Culture Tourism and Art Festival, which is held in June every year, will give you an opportunity to learn a lot about the extremely active Artvin people. Bullfighting is a main attraction at the festival, but there are also many other activities to enjoy.

If you visit the region in the winter, you will not want to miss the Şavşat Winter Wrestling Festival.

How to Get There

In order to reach Artvin, you must choose a land route within the borders of our country. To arrive by air, choose Artvin Hopa Airport which is located within the borders of Georgia.


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