Ardahan City Guide


Ardahan is in the Eastern Anatolia Region and neighbor to the Black Sea Region. It is a very rough terrain in high altitude. It is thought that the Caucasus and the Sakas were the first to settle this region. The Yalnızçam Mountains, Allahuekber Mountains, Keldağ, Kısır Mountain, and Akbaba Mountain are the most important of Ardahan. The Kısır Mountain is the highest in the province at 3,197. The Kura River and the Çıldır Lake are water areas here.

Ardahan came under the domination of Persians, Urartians, and Meds in the past. It was also for a time run by the Romans and the Byzantines. When we look at this ancient history, it is clear that numerous and varied historical remains are to be found here, including works belonging to the Ottoman, Safavid, and Akkoyunlu civilizations.

Sleigh on frozen Çıldır Lake in Ardahan city of Turkey on January.

Places to Visit

Ardahan draws attention with its rugged terrain and its natural and historical beauty, as well as for its lakes and castles. In fact, tourists can visit many historical castles in Ardahan, but some of are not in good condition because of the effects of time. The Ardahan Castle’s history dates back to 3,500 BC. It preserves its present condition thanks to Suleiman the Magnificent’s orders during Ottoman times. The Arab Mosque, which is located close to the Castle, was previously burnt.

Çıldır Lake is located about 7 kilometers away from Çıldır town. This lake, which is a beautiful natural area, is visited by tourists especially in spring and summer time. However, it is also visited in winter for fishing and sleigh on the frozen lake. Akçakale Island is a spectacular place with its ancient city remains.

Ardahan City Guide

Devil Castle, Çıldıran Castle in historical sources


Gevrek, hörre aşı, feselli, etli mantı, pişi, and kete are the most famous meals in Ardahan.

There are also many good handcrafts you should buy as souvenirs when you visit. Look for a Damal baby and hand-knotted carpets. The “Damal baby,” by the way, is produced in the Damal province. These dolls wear Central Asian clothes and colors. Flowers and various motifs reflect the Ottoman cultures.

How to Get There

People frequently prefer to go to Ardahan by bus. You can get a ticket anywhere in Turkey. If you do not like long road trips, you might prefer plane travel, and there is the Kars Airport, which is close to Ardahan.