Afyon City Guide


Located within inner part of Aegean Region of Turkey, Afyon province consists of 18 counties. It was first under the sovereignty of Hittites, then the Lydians and Phrygians consecutively. In the 6th century BC, the province was conquered by Alexander the Great and came under the domination of the Persians. After the battle of Malazgirt, its sovereignty was passed to Turks.

The city acts as a threshold of Central Anatolia’s highland opening to the Aegean’s shores as it is in the inner part of the Aegean Region. Denizli, Konya, Kütahya, Isparta, Uşak, and Eskişehir provinces surround the province. The main counties of the province are Bolvadin, Dinar, Emirdağ, Hocalar, İhsaniye, Sandıklı, Şuhut, Çobanlar, Bayat, Çay, and Kızılören. There are many mountains in the city: the highest are Sultan, Akdağ, Emir, Kumalar, Ahır, and Kızılçal. The province is rich in rivers and lakes as well, including Akarçay, Aksu Stream, Seyitler (a small stream), Çayözü Stream, Çay Stream, Akşehir Lake, Eber Lake, Karamık Lake (or swamp), and Işıklı Lake.

The Best Thermal Springs in Turkey

Afyon Thermal Springs

City’s climate boasts rainy weather at moderate-to-severe levels in general. Rainfall is the highest during spring and winter seasons. When it comes to the main industrial goods of the province, marble and the food sector come to mind first. This is because marble and travertine rock production in the province enjoys a leadership role worldwide. Apart from them, chicken, meat and egg sectors are also highly developed. When you say Afyon, there are some local elements that come to mind.

Afyon City Guide

Old traditional Ottoman house in the background.

  • Thermal: There are a lot of thermal hotels in Afyon, as it is the thermal capital of our country. People from other cities and abroad prefer these hotels especially for the treatment of health problems concerning kidney, rheumatism, the skin, and respiratory problems.
  • Marble: White marble extracted and processed in Afyon is top-quality. Afyon has been the capital of marble since ancient times.
  • Opium poppy: Afyon is the homeland of opium poppy.
  • Turkish cream: The best Turkish cream is produced in Afyon. It is made from water buffalo milk and it is quite expensive.
  • Soudjouk: It is different from Kayseri soudjouk in terms of taste and has 5-6 national brands.
  • Turkish delight: It is produced in various kinds to appeal to any palate. Turkish cream delight in particular, known as Sultan Delight, is the most preferred kind.
Afyon City Guide

Historical Frig Valley in Afyon.

Places to Visit

There are a lot of natural and historical beauties in the city, which is homeland of thermal tourism in our country. Among these beauties that can be visited are Afyon Grand Mosque, İmaret Mosque, Bolvadin Museum, Sarıçayır Rock Graves, Çay Caravansary, Afyon Museum, Eğerli Rock Church, Afyon Archaeology Museum, Synnada Ancient City, Yedikapılar Monastery, Karahisar Castle, Afyon Ulu Mosque, Avdalas Castle, Kurtini Cave, Buzluk Cave, Frig Valley, Karacamal Cave and Eber Lake.

How to Get There

The province offers you various transportation options thanks to its convenient geography and developing highway network. It has a good position considering airway, highway and railway connections. You can shorten travel time through airway or use highway excursively. If you prefer a nostalgic travel, using the railway will be the best option for you.