Adana City Guide


Adana is a city of the Mediterranean region that boasts natural and historical beauty. While the city reveals its long-standing past, it also offers new discoveries and mysteries. Archeological studies in and around Adana have revealed that the region has been used as a settlement since ancient times. The most specific date begins with the Kingdom of Kitvanza. This Kingdom fell under the hegemony of the Hittites in 1335 BC.

Some other kingdoms came to exist over time, including the Kingdom of Kue, Assyria, Klikya, Persians, Macedonians, Seleucids, and Romans. Especially in the Roman period, Adana and its environs showed great improvements. Later, Byzantines, Arabs, Armenians, Egyptians, Turkish, and Mamluks captured the region. Today Adana is located among Gaziantep, Kahramanmaraş, Mersin, and Niğde.

Adana City Guide

Snake Castle

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Adana is divided into two sections, mountainous and plains. The central part of Taurus Mountains surrounds the city. The Bolkar Mountains, Tahtalı Mountains, Aladağlar, Binboğa Mountains, and Bulgarian Mountains are the main peaks. The Taşeli plateau is blocked by a canyon. The Adana Plain is separated into Anavarza and Çukurova. These plains are the most productive areas of the city. The Ceyhan and Seyhan rivers are also in Adana, so the plains are fed with those rivers. A Mediterranean climate is dominant in the region. There are usually shrubs and maquis, and Turkish pine forests exist at higher altitudes of this region.

Cultural values are comprised of both spiritual and material values of societies. Geographical location, fertile soils, and life events date to prehistoric times contributed to social life in Adana. Byzantines had ruled at Anatolia in the 7th and 11th centuries, at the time that Adana itself also began to develop. In all, there are about 65 large archeological sites within the city.

Adana City Guide

Varda (German Bridge) in Adana

Adana has natural beauty and is well suited to tourism. There are many mosques, bridges, churches, inns, Turkish baths, and museums in the city. High areas in Taurus Mountains are good for trekking, tableland tourism, hunting tourism, and canyoning. The Göksü River comes from the Tahtalı Mountains and drains towards the city. Its curved route is good for rafting. Although thermal tourism is not widespread here, people benefit from thermal facilities. Tahtalıköy and Acısu Spring and Kokarpınar are suitable areas in this category. Bürücek, Fındıklı, Asmacık, and Armutluk are favorite spots for plateau tourism, which can mean anything from a summer picnic to a long-term summer stay.

There are also many ancient sites in Adana. The city of Anavarza in Kozan county, the Misis Ancient City, Ayas Ancient City, Shar Ancient City and the Ceyhan River are all worth a visit. Atatürk House, the Misis Mosaic Museum, Adana Archaeological Museum, and the Ethnography Museum are impressive museums that shed light on the past.

Adana City Guide

There are many mosques, bridges, churches, inns, Turkish baths, and museums in the city.

One of the most delightful and mysterious ways of describing a city is, of course, by discovering historical buildings located there. Here, visitors can see many artworks and structures. Anavarza Castle, Adana Castle, Feke Castle, Yılanlı Castle, Varda Bridge, Adana Stone Bridge, Gön Han, Ulu Mosque, Salt Town, Irmak Bath, and Bazaar Bath are good options for learning about history. The city’s plateau are at least as famous as other beauties here, especially the main plateau like Pozantı, Belemedik, Nemrun, and Horzum.


If you want to visit Adana in summer, Yumurtalık Beach and Karataş Beach are best places for swimming. You can really enjoy these, and if you like river tourism, windsurfing tourism, fishing, and diving, you can explore other parts of the city as well. You should try local foods, too, including those cooked with flour, bulgur, and meat. Of course, spices are irreplaceable for foods. Adana kebab, vegetables, salads, dip sauces, and turnip juice are the most famous flavors.

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