Butterflies Valley


Butterflies Valley is located in Fethiye / Muğla. We do not have exact information about the geological age of the valley yet, but it is known that the valley has been used as a pier of the Faralya town during the Lycian period between 300 and 400 BC. The first tourist establishment was opened in 1987, and that was when the area began to be affectionately called “Butterflies Valley”. This name was inspired by Rıfat Kılar, a photographer and amateur painter who examined the environment.

Those who go to Butterflies Valley wonder if they will see butterflies. According to the information in guide books, it is impossible to see many butterfly varieties in summer, because butterflies begin to fly in the spring, just after the winter, and before the heat of the sun reaches the ground. So, it is best to choose the spring season to enjoy butterfly watching. Jersey Tiger is the kind from which the valley took its name. This particular butterfly has a white stripe and a bright, tiger-like elytron. Its lower wings are black with red on top. This type lives in canyons, rock gutters, and waterfalls. The Jersey Tigers can be seen in July and August as well.

Butterflies Valley is surrounded by cliffs that are about 350 meters tall. There is a waterfall spilling from a height of 40 meters which passes through the middle of the valley and reaches the Mediterranean Sea. Many fragrant plants, such as lavender, are home to the butterflies, and these plants are irrigated by the waterfall. There are around 100 butterfly species in the vicinity. The sound of the waterfall will be much more fascinating and peaceful for you with every step in. However, loud noises damage the butterflies existence. In the Ottoman and Byzantine periods, agricultural and plant breeding was conducted in this area, and this has lasted through today as a tradition so that plants such as olive trees, elm trees, carob, ruta graveolens, grapes, pomegranates, thyme, daphne, and rosebay all grow spontaneously here.

The Butterfly Valley

Foodstuff is transferred to the Butterflies Valley by boat only

When seaside tourism season is open, Butterflies Valley is at the top of preferred places to visit. However, the best way to get here is actually by the sea. Visitors can reach Butterflies Valley from Fethiye after a journey of approximately 30 minutes. The vast rocks, which are formed perpendicular to the sea and the land, prevent pollution from surrounding areas. It may seem like an isolated area because the overwhelming heat of the Mediterranean is not felt much here. The spring months are as wonderful as summer and there is no frost formation in the winter months. If you plan to stay for a few days instead of just making a day trip, you can be alone with a miraculous view in the evening, once the boats have taken off from the beach. Moreover, it is forbidden to build here, so visitors just commune with nature.

Butterfly Valley view from hill

Butterflies Valley view from hill

Butterflies Valley, which has a white sandy beach, is a unique place that enjoys some isolation. You can camp or stay in rental bungalows to re-charge in the quiet after suffering from city fatigue. You can get to here by bus, but the cliffs may scare you a bit. If you come by car, plan to leave the vehicle car at the top and climb down with any necessary equipment. This is not the recommended mode of transportation, and notably, almost every year, amateurs who want to make the descent without training are involved in fatal accidents.

Summer butterfly valley sea beach view and cruise boat Oludeniz, Turkey

Summer Butterfly Valley sea beach view and cruise boat in Ölüdeniz

Butterflies Valley is a place to relax and enjoy quality time. During the season, many instructors are on hand, ready to teach you environmental awareness. Diving, fishing, meditation, yoga, and handicrafts are some of the available activities here. The stone house set on the upper part of the valley is also an art works area where visitors can try handmade food and join in workshops. The diving school, which has been in business for about 10 years, offers a wonderful diving experience where you can examine the unique underwater life of the Mediterranean, integrated with beautiful underwater rock formations and home to a variety of ocean life.