Troy Antique City


Çanakkale region, which has been over time under the rule of different civilizations, has evidence of both historical and cultural events. Troy, one of the most famous archaeological cities in the world, is one of them. Troy was discovered by Heinrich Schliemann in the Hisarlik region in the 1870s. Troy is mentioned in many legends. We can say that the Trojan war which Homer mentioned in the epic of İliad and Odessa happened here.

This area has hosted archaeological excavations from the 1870s through today. It is known that traces of human settlement cover 5,000 years because it is a city that has been rebuilt many times over the centuries. For this reason, Troy has been accepted as a ninth layer. According to the remains, it is said that the first settlements of the region were the Anatolian civilizations. At that time, the city was important, with its port showing growth. Since 1998, Troy has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Troy is known for not only its living spaces and historical remains, but also its concrete structures such as Trojan horse. The Trojan War was in 1184 BC. According to Greek mythology, after Helen, wife of Sparta king Menelaus, had fled to Paris, the Greeks attacked Troy. The war has an important place in Greek mythology and history. Legend has it that, when Paris had arrived in Sparta, he had fallen in love with Helen. The Greeks had traveled to Troy for seeing it as an insult to them. The love seems to be the only reason, however, it is thought that the Greeks have always been willing to take Troy in terms of their strategic position at that time.

Troy Antique City

Ancient stone with carving

About ten years later, Odysseus had bandied about the idea of the “Trojan Horse.” A giant wooden horse was built by Epehius. The size of the horse was designed so large so as to conceal troops inside. The Trojan horse was brought to the town’s gate as a gift. The troops were hidden inside then they emerged at night to burn the city. The war lasted for 10 years, and the secrets of this mysterious battle have continued on to today.

To immortalize the legend, the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism decided to make a representative model horse in 1973. The horse, which is 12.5 meters high, was opened to visitors in 1975. Within the borders of Çanakkale, you can see and visit the Trojan Horse. It is thought that the city is near the Dardanelles. Troy has an important place both in our history and in art. Hector Berlioz wrote his first libretto inspired by Aeneis of Vergilius. It is thought that the opera itself was composed between 1855 and 1885 and it premiered in Paris in 1863. Another artwork is the paintings by Euripides, playwright of ancient times. Troy is burning in these paintings.

Troy Antique City

Roadway atop acropolis wall

Çanakkale deserves praise in the historical arena. We should not forget that the Gallipoli War also happened here. Martyrdom was built for our soldiers who protected the strait and our country at the cost of their own lives in Çanakkale. When you come here, you may be thrilled and might experience feelings that are impossible to describe. You should visit those monuments and places of martyrdom where legends were written.