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Grand Hotel de Londres and Its History

In the 19th century, when the Ottoman Empire was heavily influenced by innovation and westernization, Beyoğlu formed a Western class called the Levantines.

Bibliopole Culture in Turkey

If you are fond of rare books and visiting a bibliopole, the first place you will want to visit in Turkey, especially in Istanbul is the Used-book Bazaar (Sahaflar Çarşısı). The Used-book Bazaar is a sanctuary amidst the noisy confusion of the Grand Bazaar. It will provide you with tranquility and has been the meeting place for bookworms for centuries, …

Funny Turkish Idioms

Idioms, like the proverbs, have come from the past to the present. Turkish idioms are patterns which describe a situation or concept that is far from their true meaning, by addressing a situation in Turkish culture. In Turkish history, idioms have great importance. While some reflect the correct words to us, some conjoined phrases also have a very funny meaning. …

Roman Ruins in Turkey

Anatolia is described as the cradle of civilizations. Indeed, many ancient tribes and civilizations prevailed in Anatolia, and they were erased from the stage of history, leaving only their ruins. Roman Empire is obviously one of the most spread and developed state of its time, leaving many ruins in its geography, including Turkey.

Ecological Farms in Turkey for a Sustainable Life: Ecological Farms in Turkey for a Sustainable Life

If you want to breathe a little in the age of technology where 24 hours is not enough and the world’s natural resources are depleted, ecological farms are for you. The ecological farms implemented in the context of sustainable living projects are increasing every year, especially in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. You can work in these farms, enjoy a …