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The Gates of Istanbul

Protecting what is precious is the most important and meaningful task of a gate. The gates behind the walls protected cities of the past, just like gates protect our homes today. Thus, the gates of Istanbul, which witnessed important events in history, are now valued as historical monuments. The gates in the cities are evidence of how valuable the cities …

Flamboyant Istanbul Visits of Mr. Bond

İstanbul is a strategic city that has for generations been the center of states and empires. After it has been conquered by the Ottomans, the city attracted attention not only with its political position but also with its works in historical and modern areas, such that over time, poems have been about on the city, songs have been composed about …

Tale of Seven Hills: A Brief History of Istanbul

Istanbul has a history of about 3,000 years. Throughout history, this city has been known by different names: Byzantium, Constantinople, and Istanbul. In 638 BC, the King Byzas came to the Sarayburnu region. The migrating Greek colony had settled here. The founder of the city, Byzas, gave it the name Byzantium. During the time of the Roman Empire (324 AD), …

Street Foods in Istanbul: Street Foods in Istanbul

The food culture of a city actually includes both food and beverage. That’s why the more varied and complex settlement pockets there are in a city, the more ethnic varieties in food and beverages that one can find there. Istanbul has many different street foods a visitor can try and feel the culture.

Islamic Artifacts and Beautiful Mosques in Turkey

One of the most fertile geographies for Islamic tourism is Anatolia, especially during the month of Ramadan, where you can make different plans for Islamic sightseeing tours. We have identified different routes related to Islamic artifacts, mosques, and shrines that you can see in Anatolia, both during and not during Ramadan.

Cittaslow Towns of Turkey

Cittaslow, which first appeared in the Italian capital of Rome in 1986, means “slow city” with a broader meaning that includes untouched nature, away from the noise, distant from the metropolitan life, and reminiscent of a resort. Thus, there is no traffic problem, and the crowds and the noise is far away. Cittaslow towns for our country are almost heaven. …

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Turkey

Turkey’s name is in the World Heritage list, a compilation determined by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO); its natural and cultural assets are under protection. The natural and cultural sites in Turkey number 18 total, according to UNESCO.

Scenic Train Routes in Turkey

In the last couple of years, the advertisement of the East Express, which once again attracted popularity of scenic train routes, brought the train trip back to the agenda. We have compiled the best routes you can take by train. Thus, you can get rid of the hustle and bustle of highway traffic and make an unforgettable journey with your …

Discover Turkey from the Sea

Turkey has rich experiences and beauty not only on land, but also at sea. You can make a spectacular voyage with different routes for sea cruises, as described below. You will enjoy it, “discover Turkey from the Sea” posting!

Ecological Farms in Turkey for a Sustainable Life

If you want to breathe a little in the age of technology where 24 hours is not enough and the world’s natural resources are depleted, ecological farms are for you. The ecological farms implemented in the context of sustainable living projects are increasing every year, especially in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. You can work in these farms, enjoy a …