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Çorum City Guide: Çorum City Guide

Surrounded by Amasya, Çankırı, Sinop, and Kırıkkale provinces, Çorum is a settlement area which dates back to the Paleolithic Period in the Black Sea Region. A good many historical artifacts extant from those periods are worth seeing. Having succeeded to preserve local Anatolian culture, Çorum has remained at the center of civilizations that were established consecutively.

Çankırı City Guide: Çankırı City Guide

As one of the most beloved cities of the Central Anatolia Region, Çankırı’s history dates back to the Hittites. Hosting various migrations and kingdoms over time, this city holds an important place in history as well. Established within many beauties and with its developing status, Çankırı shows societal progress, but at the same time has not lost its traditional beliefs …

Red Route: Wine in Turkey: Red Route: Wine in Turkey

It is a commonly held belief that Muslim countries have little or no connection with wine since consuming alcohol is expressly forbidden (haram) in the religion. However a country full of contrasts like Turkey never fails to surprise you and unless you are unusually well-informed, you will be amazed to find that the country has a vibrant viticulture dating back …