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Troy Antique City

Çanakkale region, which has been over time under the rule of different civilizations, has evidence of both historical and cultural events. Troy, one of the most famous archaeological cities in the world, is one of them. Troy was discovered by Heinrich Schliemann in the Hisarlik region in the 1870s. Troy is mentioned in many legends. We can say that the …

Mardin City Guide: Mardin City Guide

Mardin is one of the most astonishing cities of the Southeastern Anatolia Region with its long history and many natural beauties. The history of Mardin goes back to 3000 BC. Over its long history from past to present day, the city has hosted many different civilizations, sects, and ethnic groups. Marde means “City of the Castles” in Syriac. The name …

Edirne City Guide: Edirne City Guide

As one of the important places of historical times, Edirne offers many beautiful things for visitors. Having been the capital of the Ottoman Empire for years, it borders on Greece and Bulgaria. Established on a large plain area, Edirne ranked at one time as one of the seven largest cities of Europe.