Ecological Farms in Turkey for a Sustainable Life


If you want to breathe a little in the age of technology where 24 hours is not enough and the world’s natural resources are depleted, ecological farms are for you. The ecological farms implemented in the context of sustainable living projects are increasing every year, especially in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. You can work in these farms, enjoy a free holiday, and release the year’s stress while engaging with nature.

Fethiye/Ali Kışlak Forest

The two-roomed accommodation with shower and toilet is hosted by volunteers with permaculture and natural farming practices. While preparing meals with natural products, you can become familiar with agriculture. Saklıkent Tlos Antique City is also ideal for nature walks. The minimum stay in the farm is 3 weeks.

Ecological Farms in Turkey for a Sustainable Life

Muğla, Fethiye Ali Kışlak Forest


Aralacak Eco Farm, which is located in the Menemen district of Izmir, has been operating since 2013. The farm is adorned with gardens, forests, and fruit trees, and animals such as chickens and geese are raised. Beekeeping is done as well. The farm, which produces its own electricity, welcomes volunteers with stone houses which include a living room and open kitchen. You can stay 3 weeks between March and November every year.

Ecological Farms in Turkey for a Sustainable Life

İzmir Aralcak Farm

Antalya/Codron Family Farm

Volunteers are welcomed between July and September in an extremely spacious home. You can work in the garden or bakery, or you can care for the trees or animals. The farm is run by a couple who teaches French. You can also occasionally join tours with the family running the house.

Antalya/Elbademi Farm

The Elbademi Farm, located on the famous Lycian Way of Antalya, is run by an artist family. Volunteers are accepted 11 months of the year. In January, the farm remains empty. Volunteers are welcomed to stay in bungalow-style houses. Vegan volunteers are preferred.

Ecological Farms in Turkey for a Sustainable Life

Antalya Elbademi Farm

Antalya/Flora Mediterranean Garden

Flora Mediterranean garden located in Kemer district of Antalya offers a holiday opportunity designed in the style of permaculture, where you can work with the principle of ecological agriculture. You are farming with native seed on a farm with a theme of renewable energy; you are hosted in tree houses or tents.

Ecological Farms in Turkey for a Sustainable Life

Akdeniz Flora Garden

İzmir/Furma Ecological Life Farm

The farm is applied chicken and beekeeping and natural farming is applied. There are shared rooms and all rooms have bathrooms and toilets. Foods are collected from the field with natural vegetables and fruits.

Ecological Farms in Turkey for a Sustainable Life

İzmir Furma Ecological Life Farm

İzmir/Gağgı Farm

Located in Bayındır area of İzmir, the farmhouse in Ovacık nature reserve has a large area. Fruit tree cultivation is done in the farm where plant diversity is high. You can work in various workshops. While electricity and hot water are obtained naturally, there is no internet. Since mobile phones do not operate, volunteers who are accepted to live in nature without technology are welcomed.

Ecological Farms in Turkey for a Sustainable Life

İzmir Gağgı Farm


Herbafarm, built on a land of 15 acres, cultivates many types of fruits with the principles of permaculture. In addition, various herbs, aromatic plants and local vegetables are also planted. Guests are accommodated in en-suite rooms while poultry farming. While volunteers are accepted in April and November, seminars on natural agriculture, plant cultivation or workshop are given from time to time.

Ecological Farms in Turkey for a Sustainable Life

Bodrum Herbefarm

Kocaeli/Narköy Farm

Located in Kandıra, Kocaeli, Narköy Farm is located on a land of more than 100 acres. It is very popular because it is right next to Istanbul. It also serves as a training center for organic farming. Vegetables and fruits are planted. You can get much training on the farm, such as anxiety and stress management for personal development.

Ecological Farms in Turkey for a Sustainable Life

Kocaeli Narköy Farm

Muğla/Pastoral Valley

The Pastoral Valley, located on top of a natural valley, is located in pine forests. While natural agriculture and fruit are grown, there are also workshops related to handicrafts such as pottery making and woodcarving.

Ecological Farms in Turkey for a Sustainable Life

Muğla Pastoral Valley Ecological Life Farm

Erzurum/Ali Koçak Farm

Volunteers are welcomed every year with a minimum stay of 12 days between March and October. There is also a mill and trout farm right next to the farm in Tortum region of Erzurum.

Diyarbakır/Ata’dan Farm

Cereals, tomatoes, vegetables, chicken, eggs, molasses, wine, and many more products are produced in the Ata’dan Farm in Diyarbakır, which accepts volunteers in every month of a year.

Bursa/Belentepe Farm

Located in Osmangazi District of Bursa, Belentepe Farm is located on 15 acres of land. The farm that produces its own energy with wind and sun welcomes volunteers in areas built entirely with sustainable natural products. Fruits, wine, molasses and some other products are produced.

Ecological Farms in Turkey for a Sustainable Life

Bursa Belentepe Farm

Yalova/Chevrel Traher Farm

You have to know English to stay at the farm, which has been operated by a retired gardener for 11 years. Volunteers are welcomed between March and November.

Artvin/Fatma Gülbin Farm

Fatma Gülbin Farm, located in Artvin, basically includes beekeeping activities. However, hazelnut cultivation, vegetable and fruit growing are also done. Between May and October, accommodation for 4 people is offered. There is a minimum stay of 2 weeks. In addition, volunteers have to work 8 hours in four days a week.

Amasya/Bayrak Family Farm

Bayrak Family Farm, operated by the family of a retired teacher, is an eco farm made of natural farming. Volunteers are welcomed between March and November. There are also ideal locations for cycling while the farm is smoking and alcohol friendly. That’s why you can take your bike.

Avanos/Cappor Farm

Cappor Farm in Cappadocia, located in Avanos organic farming is done. In addition, the natural handicrafts of the region, such as pottery and carpets, are taught while livestock production is being done.

Ecological Farms in Turkey for a Sustainable Life

Avanos Cappor Farm

Erzincan, Kemaliye/Latif Yalçıner Farm

Located in Erzincan, Latif Yalçıner Farm is an eco farm where guests are accommodated in 3 different houses. A maximum of 10 guests are accepted in the summer. Vegetables and fruits are dried when growing spices.

Ecological Farms in Turkey for a Sustainable Life

Kemaliye Latif Yalçıner Farm

Bilecik/Nature House

Natural vegetables and fruits are grown with the principle of ecological agriculture. The farm, which is run by 6 volunteers, also welcomes natural observers. It is located very close to the shelter areas of the bald ibis and other nature animals.