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Turkish Crash Course 101

English is taught even in kindergartens now in our country, however, there are not a lot of people who can speak English. In fact, we encounter many flaws in the education of our own language, let alone foreign language education. Turkish language that we describe as Istanbul Turkish found its most beautiful form with artists like Zeki Müren, but is …

Turkish Carpets

The Turkish carpets, especially the ones on which Anatolian women have woven their secrets, loves, aspirations, homesickness and suffering, are on the top of the most valuable carpets in the world. It is a handicraft tradition that has passed to Anatolia as a Turkish culture of Central Asia, and Turkish carpet carries different meanings with its colorful fabric as well …

The Oldest Army of the World

The expression “Every Turk is born as soldier!” is among the slogans shouted in the farewell ceremonies for soldiers, which is one of our social traditions. And it actually tells a historical truth. According to some historians, the 5000-year Turkish history begins in Central Asia with the oldest army ever. In the Central Asian steppes where the nomadic culture is …

Social Etiquette in Turkey

Although each country and culture has its own rules of etiquette, many customary behaviors have emerged from a blending of cultures. When we look from this point of view, it is seen that our country’s rules of good manners have been created by the accumulation of centuries of individual and social experiences.

Scandinavians in Constantinople

The Scandinavians (or Vikings) are not at all distant for Turks, especially for the people in Constantinople with tattooed, large bodies and fighter identities. Scandinavia, home of the Vikings, is the common name of countries in the cold north, including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Faroe Islands and Greenland. Scandinavia nurtures the film industry today with its stories and legends, …

Most Beautiful Islands of Turkey

If you are tired of crowded cities, traffic intensity and rushing around, and you would like to find peace, you should definitely have a look at Turkey’s most beautiful islands. Islands in gorgeous resort areas such as the Aegean and Mediterranean offer relaxing holiday opportunities and an abundance of natural beauty.

Origin of Vampires: Ottoman Vampires

The vampire myth is believed to have originated in the west by the great influence of popular culture. While witches and ghouls are popular in the East, the “vampire” is seen as a product of western culture. However, one of the biggest symbols of the vampire cult, Count Dracula, was also sourced from Vlad III, who was a prince that …

Best Nightclubs in Turkey

In addition to enjoying historic centers and beautiful locations during the daytime, why not have fun at night? If you are a nighthawk, see our recommendations for nightclubs in Turkey.

15 Highlights of Turkey for Beginners

With thousands of years of history, Turkey is home to many interesting locations to visit. We accumulated 15 highlights of Turkey that come to mind when Turkey is mentioned.

Why Do All Roads Come to Rome?

The Roman Empire was built on a piece of land which extends toward the Mediterranean. It was strategically positioned to be protected from the enemy and to be advantageous to trade. However, its main strength was the great network of Roman stone roads. The Empire created thousands of kilometers of stone roads to Rome, which depicted an idiom “all roads …