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St. Simeon Monastery

When faith tourism is mentioned, Hatay, one of the very popular cities in our country, stands out with its history as well as the beauty that it provides to tourists. St. Simeon Monastery is one of those highly respected areas not only for Christians but for all culture and history enthusiasts.

Beautiful Lakes to See in Turkey

The geography of Anatolia spans thousands of years and is one of the most fortunate regions of the world in terms of nature. Many beautiful mountains, rivers, and lakes are located in Anatolia. We have compiled a list of Turkey’s most beautiful lakes, which provide the perfect setting for camping or spending a weekend break at the water’s edge.

Istanbul Earthquakes

The settlement of civilizations in Istanbul date back to 7th century B.C. When it was conquered by Sultan Mehmet in 1453, a new era started, as did a lot of catastrophe, including fire, flood, and plague. In recent times, when mentioning catastrophe in Istanbul, earthquakes top the list. This is not something new, though. The Istanbul Earthquakes actually go back …

King Midas Legend

Throughout the ages, few state administrators have been remembered with as much mythology and legend as King Midas.

Bibliopole Culture in Turkey

If you are fond of rare books and visiting a bibliopole, the first place you will want to visit in Turkey, especially in Istanbul is the Used-book Bazaar (Sahaflar Çarşısı). The Used-book Bazaar is a sanctuary amidst the noisy confusion of the Grand Bazaar. It will provide you with tranquility and has been the meeting place for bookworms for centuries, …

Roman Ruins in Turkey

Anatolia is described as the cradle of civilizations. Indeed, many ancient tribes and civilizations prevailed in Anatolia, and they were erased from the stage of history, leaving only their ruins. Roman Empire is obviously one of the most spread and developed state of its time, leaving many ruins in its geography, including Turkey.

Manisa Mesir Paste Festival

Different activities and festivals have been going on for a long time on all sides of Anatolia. The Mesir Paste Festival, which has been held for almost 500 years, is one of the longest-running traditions among these festivals. The Manisa Mesir Paste Festival was included on UNESCO’s list of cultural heritage in 2012 and is celebrated with great enthusiasm annually …

Midyat Houses and Architectural Features

People of various religions and tribes settled in Anatolia, so different civilizations have lived there together for thousands of years. Today’s Anatolia, especially around Mardin, Midyat, is exceptional geography that is home to a cultural mosaic of different religions and ethnicity. The most important and prominent part of this mosaic is the historical Midyat houses. As a result of research, …

Ecological Farms in Turkey for a Sustainable Life: Ecological Farms in Turkey for a Sustainable Life

If you want to breathe a little in the age of technology where 24 hours is not enough and the world’s natural resources are depleted, ecological farms are for you. The ecological farms implemented in the context of sustainable living projects are increasing every year, especially in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. You can work in these farms, enjoy a …