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15 Highlights of Turkey for Beginners

With thousands of years of history, Turkey is home to many interesting locations to visit. We accumulated 15 highlights of Turkey that come to mind when Turkey is mentioned.

White Russians in Istanbul, Smirnoff and a Black Russian

The First World War revealed a huge devastation that caused both the winner and the loser to face a great economic storm. Before the end of the First World War, Russia, in 1917, gave up and found itself in the middle of internal conflicts. On the one side were the Tsar and the defenders, on the other side, the communists. …

Çanakkale City Guide: Çanakkale City Guide

Located by the strait which is called with its own name, Çanakkale is one of the golden cities of our country, replete with historical beauties. Troy remnants extant from ancient times stand in our city. As a result of the developments and victories from the Republic Period, the city was named Çanakkale. Being in the best geographical area of our …